2019 Jinan door & window industry exhibition is in

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2019 Jinan door & window industry exhibition is in hot investment attraction

2019 Jinan door & window industry exhibition is in hot investment attraction

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original title: 2019 Jinan door & window industry exhibition is in hot investment attraction

exhibition introduction: the 25th China (Jinan) International Architectural Decoration Expo 2019 will be held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center on April, 2019. 9 exhibition halls, 60000 M ² The exhibition area is expected to gather 1200+ exhibitors and 80000 visitors, and continue to maintain the status of "Flagship Exhibition of building materials in northern China"

as the first exhibition in Jinan that has passed the UFI certification of the International Exhibition Industry Association, which is known as the Oscars of the conference and exhibition, JCIF has a strong brand influence and a perfect exhibition process, which fully conforms to the relevant standards of UFI certification. It is a leading exhibition in China's architectural decoration industry and your choice of peace of mind

2019 Jinan Construction Expo accelerates the pace of specialization, branding and internationalization, comprehensively upgrades and improves the exhibition, opens nine exhibition halls in Jinan Convention and Exhibition Center, and plans five major theme sub exhibitions (high-end customized home exhibition, system doors, windows and equipment exhibition, smart home products exhibition, boutique kitchen and bathroom facilities exhibition, and new decorative materials exhibition). Independent sub exhibitions facilitate the centralized display and publicity of brands and the centralized visit and purchase of visitors, Build an all-round and deep-seated precise docking platform for all exhibitors and visitors

last session: the 24th China (Jinan) International Architectural Decoration Expo 2018 was successfully held in Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center on April, 2018, attracting more than 50000 buyers from 17 cities in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Shanxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places to visit and purchase on site, becoming an annual industry event in the region. During the exhibition, 16 professional forum lectures and brand promotion meetings were held, and the number of on-site reports was more than one million. The scale of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors, trade visitors and trading volume were second to none in the industry, which greatly promoted the rapid development and improvement of the construction and decoration industry of North China Construction after 72 hours of continuous, safe and stable operation

gb/t 17640 ⑴ 998 exhibition scope of geosynthetics filament woven geotextile: five theme exhibitions:

1. High end customized home exhibition - exhibition scope: wardrobe, wine cabinet, whole house customization, solid wood customization, whole wood home decoration, etc. 2. System doors and windows and equipment exhibition - exhibition scope: automatic doors, system doors and windows, hardware profiles, door and window equipment, solid wood doors, sliding doors/sliding doors, composite doors, fire doors, art glass, door accessories Wardrobe, cabinet door, etc. 3. Smart home products exhibition - exhibition scope: smart lock, smart clothes rack, fresh air system, air purifier, smart bathroom, water purification equipment, integrated environmental protection stove, etc. 4. Boutique kitchen bathroom facilities exhibition - exhibition scope: bathroom and sanitary ware, ceramic mosaic, whole cabinet, integrated top wall, kitchen electricity, ceiling, clothes rack, table board and cabinet decoration, etc. 5. New decorative materials exhibition - exhibition scope: paint, diatom mud Waterproof materials, floor materials, building adhesives, wall decorative panels, etc.

booth expenses: standard booth RMB 6800/9 square meters

open space RMB 600/square meters

1. Standard booth: each specification is 3 meters × 3M

basic configuration includes: 1 lintel in Chinese and English, 3 coamings, 2 folding chairs, 1 negotiation table, 1 220 volt socket (limited to 750 watts of non lighting power)

2. Open space: 36 square meters from rent

company introduction: Jinan Xinzhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haiming International Convention and Exhibition Group in Jinan. It is an organization specialized in exhibition planning, organization, undertaking, service and other businesses. The company was founded in 2004. With the strong support of government departments and industry associations, relying on the excellent business management, financial management, project operation and other resource advantages of Haiming group, learning from foreign advanced exhibition experience and ideas, and combining with China's national conditions, the company has gradually improved and sorted out a development path suitable for its own company, and the company's scale and strength have developed rapidly, It has successfully held dozens of professional exhibitions across many industries, forming a certain influence in the industry and becoming one of the more well-known exhibition companies in our province

with the mission of "exhibition makes business more convenient and makes it easier for each customer to do business through the exhibition", after eight years of training, with the style of integrity and rigorous attitude, the successful holding of each exhibition has brought infinite business opportunities for participating enterprises and even the industry to return the sales price to a reasonable range. Many of the exhibitions held by the company have been rated by government departments as "the exhibition with the most development potential in the exhibition market of Shandong Province", "excellent exhibition enterprise in Jinan City", "advanced organization in the exhibition industry of Shandong Province" and so on

"specialty" is the advantage of China Information Technology Development Corporation, "innovation" is the purpose of China Information Technology Development Corporation, "integrity" is the attitude of China Information Technology Development Corporation, and "quality service" is the persistence of China Information Technology Development Corporation. In the next ten years, CIFIT will adhere to the above purpose and strive to bring a broader platform to every exhibitor


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