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On the afternoon of December 22, the meeting room on the 7th floor of Wangli menye was brightly lit and warm. With the theme of "we are together", Wang Lianfang's 2018 supplier conference was grandly held here

in the afternoon of December 22, the meeting room on the 7th floor of Wangli menye was brightly lit and warm. With the theme of "we are together", the 2018 supplier conference of Wang Lianfang was grandly held here. Chairman Wang yuebin, together with relevant executives of the company, industry leaders and more than 100 excellent suppliers, attended the conference. Everyone gathered together to discuss cooperation and development plans

At 14 o'clock, all participants stood up and sang the national anthem, and the conference kicked off with a magnificent and high song. Subsequently, 22 employees of the company stepped on the stage and recited the poem "we win the future together", expressing our lofty aspiration of going hand in hand with our suppliers in the past 20 years

Wang Pei, general manager of supply chain management headquarters, made a special work report on supply chain. He briefly reviewed the development history of the company and its achievements and honors in recent years, introduced the supply situation and existing quality problems in recent years, pointed out the improvement direction of cooperation between the supplier and the demander, and made a detailed strategic plan for the development of the company's supply chain in the next three years. He stressed that the development and progress of the times require enterprises to vigorously strengthen the construction, transformation and upgrading of "new retail" and "intelligent manufacturing". At the same time, he pointed out that enterprises must turn traditional "procurement" to new " Supply chain procurement " For transformation and development, friendly and close cooperative development relations should be established between enterprises and suppliers. In today's economies of scale and technology intensive global economy, all walks of life in the supply chain need to establish a relationship model of sharing information, risks and profits

Wang Baojun, general manager of quality management headquarters, made a quality management report, reviewed the supply quality indicators in 2018, analyzed the quality problems of incoming materials, pointed out the improvement direction, and put forward the key quality work in 2019

Wang Baojun said that quality is benefit and the life of an enterprise. The painful lesson of history reminds all enterprises that quality competition is the core of enterprise competition. Doing a good job in quality issues is not an overnight task, but needs to accumulate over time. Wang Li will work with all partners to move forward hand in hand to provide the whole society with better quality, safe and convenient products, services and solutions

Zhang Minyan, director of the audit center, read out the "Wang Li sunshine procurement guidelines". She pointed out that the principles of integrity and business ethics must be followed in the cooperation between procurement personnel and suppliers and in all business activities. Procurement activities must strictly follow the procurement process and system specifications of Wang Li company, focus on the overall procurement strategy of "value procurement and sunshine procurement", and follow the principles of fairness, openness and fairness. Procurement personnel are responsible for obtaining the best overall value for the company, ensuring that each procurement activity and decision can bring the best comprehensive benefits to the company

at the meeting, the leaders of the company presented awards to excellent suppliers. He Guoming of Zhejiang Taoran industry and Trade Co., Ltd. won the excellent quality award, Yan Henghai of Shenzhen Feibi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. won the joint innovation award, Tong Jiandang of Yongkang Sanhe Electronic Co., Ltd. won the excellent delivery award, Xu Jingguo of Jinhua Feichi Hardware Products Co., Ltd. won the excellent Collaboration Award, and pan zhedon of Yongkang Sanwei hardware products factory won the excellent Collaboration Award

the representatives of three excellent suppliers took the stage and expressed their gratitude to Wang Li for his strong support. In the future, they should provide Wang Li with better products and perfect services to ensure the smooth operation of Wang Li's production, constantly meet market needs and achieve common development

Wang Qi, President of the group, made a strategic development planning report - "together, start again". He pointed out that 2019 is the year of Wang Li's transformation and upgrading, and smart locks will usher in an explosive growth. Smart locks will double in 2019 on the basis of 16million sets in 2018. Wangli company has transformed from traditional manufacturing industry to intelligent management, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent products. In 2019, our development goal is to increase the total amount and structure. Its core problem is self-improvement and self breakthrough. The fundamental task of supply chain construction in 2019 is to establish a service idea Strategic cultivation and construction of "material parts +oem" "Two systems, build an SCM information procurement platform. Achieve the three unity of culture, goals and actions, work together to create a community of interests, and welcome 2019 with passion.

finally, chairman Wang yuebin delivered an important speech from the aspects of entrepreneurship, brand, research and development, software, listing and so on. He said that in 2018, Wang Li's brand value reached 27.162 billion yuan, ranking 109 among China's top 500 brands, ranking first in the door industry for seven consecutive years, Far ahead of other door industries. The company has a R & D team of more than 100 people, and has introduced a large number of outstanding talents at home and abroad. In addition to establishing R & D centers in the company's headquarters, Shanghai and Hangzhou, the company has also established R & D centers in Germany to continuously develop new products. The company introduces SAP software, which is the most advanced in the world. The implementation of EC system, orders, shipments, open the website to check, you know it like the back of your hand. The intelligent automatic production line that the company invited famous domestic institutions to establish is also world-class. At the same time, the company is paying close attention to the listing work. Listing is more beneficial to the development of the company, the popularity will be greatly improved, and the enterprise management will be more standardized, helping to build a century old enterprise. Finally, I also shared the "four do concepts" and "three types of enterprise concepts", which won warm applause from everyone

in the evening, the company held a grand supplier appreciation dinner at Haitang hotel. President Wang Qi made a wonderful toast, and Chairman Wang yuebin toasted all suppliers, expressing deep gratitude. At the same time, he performed wonderful artistic programs such as singing and dancing, and held a lottery session, which left a good impression on everyone

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