How to decorate small houses in spring

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Spring is coming, how can we make the home bright in spring? In the plane pattern, the design of small houses usually takes the practical function as the first, and reasonably arranges various functional zones, pedestrian routes and some large furniture

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highlight the use function

function and interest are the focus of the small family, and the commonness and individuality of the family should be unified in the space division and home decoration

in the plane pattern, the design of small houses usually takes practical functions as the first, and reasonably arranges various functional zones, pedestrian routes and some large furniture. The open kitchen or the combination of living room and dining room can be used to increase the indoor sense of hierarchy and decorative effect by using the mutually permeable space on the basis of not affecting the use function

for example, the reception area and dining area are crowded and lively activity areas, which can be arranged in the same space, while sleep and study need to be relatively quiet and can be included in the same space. Therefore, there should be a hard or soft separation in space between receiving guests, eating and sleeping, and studying. If the room is small and you want to have your own independent space, then use partition screens, sliding doors or movable furniture in the room to replace the original closed partition wall, making the wall "live" and making the overall space transparent

the furniture is simple and small

the designer believes that the furniture of small house type must be taken into account in the design. How to make the functions of the room separate, have internal connections, and do not produce a sense of crowding in the limited space depends largely on the form and size of the furniture

furniture with simple shape, light texture and small size, especially those that can be combined, disassembled and stored at will, is more suitable for small house types. Or choose furniture that covers a small area and is relatively high, which can accommodate a large number of items without wasting space. For example, the furniture of the study, in the small room, not only to put down the computer desk, but also to add a large bookshelf or bookcase, it seems a little crowded, so when choosing, of course, we should choose the overall study with the function of collecting. You can also consider some multifunctional furniture, such as sofa bed. It is a sofa when it is put away during the day and a bed when it is opened at night. Guests at home don't worry about being unable to live

there is no need to add more "decoration" to the windows, using less heavy curtains and more thin curtains; On the wall opposite the window, a large mirror can be installed to expand the field of vision of the room and increase the sense of three-dimensional; The bedroom and lobby should use the same wallpaper to make the room appear spacious; Make full use of the dead corner of the bedroom and decorate small furniture

accessories are few and exquisite

in terms of decoration, small families should try not to have complex decoration, and there should be unified elements in each functional zone. Because the house is small, the ornaments should be less and better. Furnishings should be focused and orderly, and too many things make people feel bored when they see them. There is no need to decorate the windows more and use less heavy curtains. The color of the curtains should be coordinated with the decoration of the whole room, and more thin metal strips should be used to cover the curtains. If the bedroom is small, it's best not to use large floor curtains. The same wallpaper should be used in the kitchen, bedroom and lobby to make the room appear spacious





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