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For friends whose decoration budget is not very loose, how to build a satisfactory home with the least money? Now let's take a look at the decoration effect drawing of a small couple with 90 square meters, two rooms and one living room

owner's decoration files: Decoration community: Qingjiang landscape (more Qingjiang landscape decoration effect pictures) house type: two rooms and one living room decoration style: modern simple decoration method: all inclusive contract amount: 90000 decoration company: (decoration bidding)

this is our living room, which can be seen that the living room is quite simple, the overall white tone, and the floor tiles give people a feeling of bright

the TV background has not been decorated and shaped too much, and the right side always feels much empty. Next, we plan to decorate it with decorative paintings

I made a photo wall for the sofa background wall. Now it seems to be a little dense ~ ~

looking at the restaurant area, the restaurant area is also sufficient, and the dining table is facing the kitchen, which is very convenient

the key to a simple dining table and chair is that this model is very affordable. Ha ha, the budget is limited, so we can only consider the price factor more

a small working area. I still like this area because of the platform design

the pink overall cabinet in the kitchen is not very good-looking at first, and it will gradually become pleasing to the eye after reading too much

[introduction to Qingjiang Shanshui community]: Qingjiang Shanshui is located at the intersection of Nanhu Avenue and Minzu Avenue in East Lake New Technology Development Zone, and is developed by Hubei Qingjiang Real Estate Co., Ltd. With a total construction area of more than 740000 square meters, western style houses, small high-rise and high-rise buildings, a 3000 square meter UFO Art Museum, and a 20000 square meter central ecological lake, it presents a complete, independent, dynamic and tasteful "new urbanism city". Editor's comment: after reading the decoration effect drawing of Qingjiang landscape simple two rooms and one living room, do you still want to see other decoration effect drawings? Sign up for the decoration bidding quickly, get 3 decoration effect schemes for free, and let professional designers help you design schemes for free. Free on-site room measurement




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