N possibilities of villa balcony decoration design

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Possibility 1: Villa balcony design with balcony as the main functional area

generally, in our impression, the balcony still has many auxiliary functions, but in villa design, because the balcony area is large, people who like innovation suddenly have a whim to design the balcony as the main functional area. Living room, dining room, even kitchen and bathroom. The grass green furniture, which echoes the green in the courtyard, has a natural flavor. It must be interesting to entertain guests on the balcony

compared with the oversized balcony, the slightly smaller villa balcony is surrounded by curtains and nostalgic ceiling fans. Such a living room brightens people's eyes

possibility 2: super practical one top two (n) balcony

practical balcony is generally used more in apartments, because the apartment area is small, and the area of a balcony can do many things, such as changing it into a washing area. The finer the division of labor of each functional area in modern decoration, the separation of dry and wet is the result of subdivision

if your home is in the deserted mountain and other areas that are sure to be deserted around, and you are brave enough, then the balcony can also be transformed into private places such as bathrooms, toilets, etc. if it is in the city, it is recommended that you give up this possibility

possibility 3: balcony loved by literati, petty bourgeoisie and artists

everyone's ideal home is different. For literati, petty bourgeoisie and artists, balcony should be the highlight of the room, not an optional place. Now the design of changing the balcony into a study is not so fresh. The beautiful reading time in the afternoon sunshine has to admit that it is indeed very lazy and petty bourgeois. No wonder so many people like it

as for artists' balconies, they can play more, primitive, modern, metallic, natural, brightly colored, all black or all white. The most imaginative is artists' balconies. For balcony decoration design, to sum up: small body, big function! Whether it's an apartment or a villa, as long as you make rational use of space and balcony, you will be surprised





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