Ronggao whole house door and window customization

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Spacious and bright home is the key to love home. Ronggao's door and window have no dead corner lighting design, and enjoy the beauty of quiet years

the dark indoor environment is very depressing, and the spacious and loud home is the key to love home. In dense residential areas, it is very important to build bright homes

the lighting design without dead ends is the impeccable life you want

reasons for poor lighting

the reasons for poor lighting are mostly caused by poor house type:

1 Orientation problem. The room facing north is where the sun is far away, especially on cloudy and rainy days, it basically enters the "polar night" state

2. Window problem. The opening of the window is too small and narrow. The position is biased, or the window is a building shelter, resulting in the state of having windows equal to having no windows

3. Space division. The distribution of the space area and the design of the bearing wall affect the light diffusion, resulting in the dead corner of the lighting

Design 1: use natural light

natural light is the source of life, and the light coming in from the window is invaluable

floor to ceiling window design. The design of floor to ceiling windows should choose narrow frame or hidden frame design. Ronggao system floor to ceiling window is the lighting design without dead corners. Small frame, large glass, infinite vision, unimpeded ventilation and lighting are the pursuit of life

Ronggao non dead corner ground window design

there should be no objects in front of the window. The items in front of the window should be simplified, and the furniture should not be large, because it is easy to block. Decorative paintings and ornaments can be made of metal or reflective materials, which is how smooth visual impact comes

Ronggao ldn205 system lifting sliding door

Design II: partition design

the partition between areas allows each area space to perform its own duties. But partition design is learned. Ancient houses adopt wall partition, which has poor visual effect and small space practical area

adopt sliding door partition with large area glass. This visual effect is broad and the space permeability is strong. In addition to the narrow side lighting design, the partition of Ronggao aluminum alloy door also has the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture-proof, lifting and fixing, which makes it comfortable to be warm in winter and cool in summer, and the safety of the elderly and children at home need not be worried

Ronggao fd50 narrow side folding series 2

adopts perspective design partition. Bar partition, glass partition, hidden frame sliding door design partition, etc. are barrier free partitions, highlighting the sense of hierarchy of space, without causing a sense of space oppression

Ronggao 138 hidden fan panoramic sliding door

Design III: light tone design

white reflects all colors. This is the tone of light color system, and it can make your home simple and bright, and visually have a different space experience. It is not difficult to change 80 square meters to 130 square meters

the ceiling is painted white. The use of white ceiling is the beginning of extending the vision, and if the floor space is less than 3 meters, you can choose a simple plaster line design, so as to avoid the oppression of the ceiling

light colored ground. This is especially important for rooms with poor lighting, because light colors make people comfortable and relaxed, and the light will be wider than dark ones

Ronggao doors and windows

daylighting design without dead corners,

enjoy the quiet beauty of the years

live a comfortable and slow life, relax your breathing, and live an impeccable life





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