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When making wallpaper, we should consider the problem of corner trimming and the treatment of common bruises. The durability of wallpaper is more than 5 years for a large area, but we should pay attention to it from the beginning of 2 years at the joint turning point. It will still be used for a long time if we find that it is warped and repair it quickly. After pasting the wallpaper, we need to pay attention to several problems:

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1. Doors and windows should be closed and dried in the shade in the room just after the wallpaper is paved. Because the room with newly paved wallpaper will be ventilated immediately, which will cause the wallpaper to curl and bulge

2。 After the wallpaper is paved for 3 days, the residual wallpaper glue at the seam of the wallpaper should be gently wiped off with a damp towel

3。 Wallpaper is relatively resistant to scrubbing, but it is not resistant to the collision of blunt objects. If a small surface damage is found, it can be remedied with pigments or paints of similar colors

4。 Non concave convex wallpaper can be cleaned with a chicken feather sheet on weekdays

generally, the color of the bedroom should be warmer and softer to facilitate rest. If the color of furniture is heavy, the wall color should be very light; If the furniture color is light, the wall surface is suitable to be set off with a contrast color similar to the furniture color. The color of the newly married bedroom can be a little festive, soft and warm. The best color of the curtain is close to the color of the wallpaper, and we must avoid cold colors





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