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Blank room is also called “ Newly decorated house ”, Most of such houses have only door frames and no doors, and the walls and floors are only treated for foundation without surface treatment. Many owners will encounter many problems in decoration because of their insufficient understanding of rough houses. Therefore, next, the editor will introduce the decoration process of blank houses, hoping to bring help to the decoration owners

rough house decoration process 1. Property approval and housing design

before starting work, you need to go to the property center to handle the decoration license and other procedures. The contents of the form filled in have the relevant basic information, relevant responsible persons, pay the deposit at the same time, and you need to go through the formalities such as access permit (the construction party enters the community for use, and the construction party pays for it). Next is the exchange of house design. The owner proposes what effect the house wants to be decorated, and then the Designer completes the corresponding design work. After confirming the design drawings, you need to check the decoration budget and relevant construction projects and other detailed information in the decoration contract with the decoration company. After confirming the contents of the contract and signing, you can start work

rough room decoration process II. Water and electricity transformation

water and electricity transformation is the first project in the construction. There are many things to do, and it is also one of the most important decoration projects. The general construction period is 3-mdash; 7 days (depending on the number of reconstruction projects), as the hydropower reconstruction project is very important, the owner also needs to know the corresponding details on the site when the decoration workers are working. Even if the owner is not familiar with this, I believe that the owner is on the construction site, and the construction workers will not have too many loopholes. Once the hydropower project is completed, the subsequent repair work is difficult to carry out, so we must do a good job in the reconstruction and decoration of hydropower projects

rough room decoration process III. bricklayer/carpenter

the construction period of bricklayer and carpenter and the construction will be carried out according to the differences of different regions and processes. As for who comes first and who comes later, it can be decided according to the specific situation. Since waterproofing and base course treatment will be carried out at this stage, the materials required for waterproofing must be mobilized on time. The construction period of Tilers is generally 7-30 days (the floating is increased, and the construction period of some tiles that need to be tiled and laid obliquely will be very long). Because most carpenters do less now, the construction period is generally about 7-20 days. When these two projects are completed, the owner needs to do a good job of acceptance, and check whether there is hollowing in the floor tiles and cracks in the wall. All these need detailed inspection

rough room decoration process 4. Painting

painting is the last step of decoration, including painting the top of the wall with emulsion paint and wood products, which is surface engineering. Before the beginning of this stage, the medium and medium-term payment is generally required, and part of the payment in the previous construction period is settled according to the contract or the agreed proportion. Paint is generally determined according to the different needs of specific areas, so before buying paint, we must determine the parts of the house that need to be painted to avoid waste of materials. After the completion of this part of the project, workers can evacuate the site to do cleaning, garbage removal and subsequent procurement of items

rough room decoration process v. installation

after the decoration is completed, even if the whole decoration project is half or 2/3, or work. The owner needs to install accessories, cabinets, lamps, switch and socket panels, indoor doors, customized wardrobes, hardware, floors, etc. If some work needs to be installed by the decoration company, you need to make a statement with the decoration company in advance. Some businesses provide door-to-door services, which can save part of the decoration funds. After the completion of this stage, you need to pay all the remaining money. If there are bumps or cracks on the wall after moving, you can contact the construction party to repair the warranty

editor's summary: that's all for the decoration process of rough houses. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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