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Compared with large kitchen and bathroom equipment such as cabinets and hand basins, faucets are the simplest small things. But don't underestimate it. Faucets are indispensable in every family. People's pursuit of exquisite life is also reflected in the renovation of various faucets. When you walk into major shopping malls, the color, style, shape, variety, etc.

compared with large kitchen and bathroom equipment such as cabinets and hand basins, the faucet is the simplest thing. But don't underestimate it. Faucets are indispensable in every family. People's pursuit of exquisite life is also reflected in the renovation of various faucets. When you walk into major shopping malls, you will be dazzled by a variety of faucets, such as colors, styles, shapes, and varieties. And the classification is becoming more and more detailed. The era of "one thing for multiple purposes" in our impression is long gone. Faucet is not only a necessary practical article for home, but also an indispensable part of room decoration. If you want to choose an ideal faucet, there are many questions in it. → related links: some experience about purchasing ordinary faucets

rule 1 faucets are not omnipotent

division of labor means progress, which can also be seen from the increasingly detailed classification of faucets. In the past, a single faucet can no longer meet all the requirements of people. At present, faucets on the market can be divided into three categories: bathtub faucet, basin faucet and kitchen faucet. In each category, they can be divided into many sub categories according to function, style, material and color. Different faucets have amazing differences in details

bathtub faucet double water outlet

this faucet must have two water outlets, the lower one is used to fill the bathtub, and the other is used to connect the shower. After recognizing it, we should also pay attention to that the length of the tap outlet nozzle must be slightly longer than the width of the bathtub edge, so as to ensure that the water will not flow out when filling

basin faucet short mouth

this kind of faucet is used to wash clothes and face when matched with the toilet basin. Therefore, choosing a faucet with a short and low water outlet nozzle is both practical and coordinated, but pay attention to leaving enough washing space. After locking this kind of faucet, we should first see whether the faucet installation hole of the basin is single hole or three hole; If it is a three hole one, you have to measure whether the distance between the mounting holes is 4 inches (about 10 cm) or 8 inches (about 20 cm), and then you can determine which faucet is suitable

the kitchen faucet is tall

the kitchen faucet should be higher. For convenience, it is best to extend it above the drain so that it cannot splash water

the internal structure of the tap is not much different from that of the tap in terms of rotation, listening and recognition, except that there are ceramic valves and rubber seals in terms of sealing methods, but there is a big difference in terms of external styles. When choosing, in addition to personal preferences, we should also consider its collocation with the surrounding environment to see whether it is more appropriate to choose a single handle, a 90 degree switch, or a spiral stable lift type, and then decide to buy

the appearance of the faucet is not different, and the surface sealing is very good. It is difficult for consumers to see the internal structure of the faucet and the quality of the valve core when shopping. It is not easy to open and check it. So, how can we choose a high-quality faucet without opening the faucet spool

experience 1: look at the appearance

the chrome plating process on the surface of a good faucet is very exquisite, and it usually takes several processes to complete it. Distinguish the quality of the faucet depends on its brightness. The smoother and brighter the surface, the better the quality

experience 2: turn the handle

good faucet when turning the handle, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch, and it is easy to close and open without obstruction, without slipping. But the inferior faucet not only has large clearance, but also has a great sense of obstruction

lesson 3: listen to the sound

the material of the faucet is the most difficult to distinguish. A good faucet is made of integrally cast copper, which makes a dull sound when struck. If the sound is very crisp, it must be stainless steel, and the quality will be a grade worse

experience 4: recognition marks

if you really can't distinguish, you can choose a more formal brand. Generally, regular goods have the brand logo of the manufacturer, while some informal products or some inferior products are often only pasted with paper labels, or even without any marks. You must pay attention to them when purchasing

rule three faucets prolong life four tips

after selecting the faucet, if it is not properly maintained, its service life will also be affected. This is also the biggest headache for many people. In fact, this is not difficult. As long as the installation, use and maintenance are correct, the actual service life of the faucet can be extended, and it can always remain bright as new

experience 1: ask experienced and qualified professionals to install

when installing, the faucet should try not to collide with hard objects, and do not leave cement, glue and other things on the surface, so as not to damage the gloss of the surface coating. If it is a new house and the water supply pipe network is newly paved, there must be sand and other impurities in the water. Before installation, pay attention to remove the sundries in the pipe, and drain the water for a long time until the water quality becomes clear before installing the faucet

experience 2: it is not necessary to turn off the tap tightly if it is too hard.

many people are used to turning off the tap with some force after using it, which is very undesirable. This will not prevent water leakage, but will damage the sealing valve and cause the tap to not be closed tightly

experience 3: good habits ensure integrity as new

avoid rust, and wipe the surface of the tap after it is used up at ordinary times; In addition, the faucet is generally prominent, so pay attention not to bump or press it when taking and placing objects

lesson 4: when the water flow becomes smaller, remove impurities

when the water pressure is not lower than 0.02MPa, if the water yield is found to be reduced, it may be that the tap is blocked. The solution is to use a wrench to gently screw the water nozzle screen cover at the water outlet of the faucet, and then carefully install it after cleaning the impurities. Generally, it can be restored as before




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