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Ministry of environmental protection: restricted approval of projects in areas where group incidents are caused by chemical pollution Beijing, September 15 - starting today, the Ministry of environmental protection will launch a nationwide special inspection on chemical environmental management, and stop accepting applications for new impactors outside the Industrial Park - range: construction, reconstruction, and expansion of hazardous chemical production and storage projects. Zhanglijun, Vice Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, said that in the future, regional approval restrictions will be implemented for all mass incidents caused by chemical pollution. This major inspection includes offshore chemical projects

2010, the Ministry of environmental protection conducted a major investigation on chemical enterprises along the river. The investigation results showed that 3607 of the more than 18000 chemical enterprises were found to have problems; Among the 43510 chemical enterprises, 81.3% had environmental risks; 86.2% of the chemical enterprises are located along the banks of large rivers, in the mouth concentration area with human TG between 55 ~ 60 ℃ and in the upstream of drinking water sources and other environmentally sensitive areas

from January 2010 to August this year, the Ministry of environmental protection received reports of 239 emergencies caused by dangerous goods

"in recent years, sudden environmental events caused by chemicals have shown an obvious upward trend, seriously affecting environmental safety and social stability. Chemical pollutants enter the environment and pose a major threat to human health and the environment." Zhang Lijun said at the special inspection Video Conference on chemical environmental management held by the Ministry of environmental protection today that the special inspection on chemical environmental management will be carried out nationwide to curb the high incidence of chemical environmental pollution incidents

Zhang Lijun believes that one of the important reasons for the serious environmental pollution caused by chemicals is that the laws and regulations are not perfect and the supervision and law enforcement are not in place. He said that at present, China lacks special regulations on the management of systematic chemicals

in terms of the scope of this inspection, Zhang Lijun said that chemical parks and chemical enterprise concentration areas, all hazardous chemical production enterprises with hazardous chemical production licenses, and chemical enterprises in environmentally sensitive areas such as rivers and lakes, coastal areas and drinking water sources will be inspected

Zhang Lijun said that the Ministry of environmental protection will pay attention to public participation when approving chemical projects. He said that from now on, environmental protection departments should publish the approval results of environmental impact assessment documents of relevant projects to the public and accept public supervision

at the same time, a lifelong accountability system for chemical environmental pollution will be established to increase the intensity of claims, fines and criminal penalties against enterprises. If relevant enterprises cause mass health hazards or major environmental safety accidents and environmental pollution, they will be held accountable to the local government and its relevant departments and enterprise personnel in accordance with laws and regulations

the environmental protection department requires that the problems found in the inspection should be rectified within a time limit immediately. If the enterprise still fails to meet the requirements after rectification, it shall request the relevant local people's government to shut down or ban it according to law; Enterprises that have caused serious and extraordinarily serious environmental pollution accidents shall be ordered to close down according to law

the Ministry of environmental protection will complete the environmental management registration of hazardous chemicals by the end of 2013. Zhang Lijun said that in addition to punishing enterprises that fail to fulfill their registration obligations in accordance with the provisions, they will be restricted in environmental assessment approval, environmental protection verification of listed companies and arrangement of special funds for environmental protection

review: experts say that no country has stipulated that PX projects must be 100 kilometers away from residential areas.

people interviewed several experts on the social concern about PX projects. Professor caochengbo, from the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Shandong University, said that the rumor that "the PX project should be at least 100 kilometers away from the city before it is safe" was completely false. Jin Yong, a professor in the Department of chemical engineering of Tsinghua University, said that at present, there is no scientific evidence that PX can cause cancer or deformity

Yunnan is exposed to directly discharging 5000 tons of chromium residue to increase the import cost of wood pulp in China. It is said that more than 5000 tons of chromium residue, a heavy toxic chemical waste, was illegally dumped in Qujing City, Yunnan Province, and the toxic water was directly discharged into the Nanpan River, the source of the Pearl River. The Yunnan Environmental Protection Department said that two months ago, a chemical plant slag driver stole chromium slag, but only 1000 tons. 100 cubic meters of water in a local dead pond was polluted. It denied that it had polluted the source of the Pearl River and was unaware of the sewage treatment in the pond

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