Approval of the hottest nuclear power key projects

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The approval of key nuclear power projects is expected to start this year.

the National Energy Administration recently issued the guidance on energy work in 2014. For example, Premier Li Keqiang has made great efforts to promote China's high-speed rail during his repeated visits. The opinions pointed out the ten key tasks of energy work this year, and proposed to seriously implement the air pollution prevention and control measures, promote the energy structure manufacturers to optimize the corresponding control system structure, strive to reduce the proportion of coal-fired power, accelerate the development of solar power generation, and timely start the approval of key nuclear power projects

according to the opinions, we should take the prevention and control of air pollution as an opportunity to accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity in the energy industry, strive to reduce the proportion of coal consumption, and increase the proportion of natural gas and non fossil energy. In 2014, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong reduced raw coal consumption by 3million tons, 2million tons, 8million tons and 4million tons respectively, totaling 17million tons; The country eliminated 30million tons of backward coal production capacity and shut down 2million kilowatts of small thermal power units; Strive to achieve the proportion of coal-fired power desulfurization close to 100%, and the proportion of thermal power denitration reaches 70%

according to the opinions, in 2014, we believe that it is very important to maintain the efficient management of the supply chain, with a volume of 3.8 billion tons, an increase of only 1.6%. With clearing fees and establishing taxes as the main line, we will clean up and rectify coal related fee collection funds, and accelerate the reform of ad valorem collection of coal resource taxes. The Opinions also pointed out that efforts should be made to eliminate backward production capacity and energy conservation and emission reduction. Stop approving new coal mines with a capacity of less than 300000 tons per year and coal and gas outburst mines with a capacity of less than 900000 tons per year. We will phase out coal mines with a capacity of 90000 tons per year or less, speed up the closure of coal mines with serious hidden dangers such as coal and gas outbursts, and continue to promote the merger and reorganization of coal mining enterprises

while striving to reduce the proportion of coal consumption, the opinions put forward the goal of accelerating the development of solar power generation and increasing the installed capacity of 10million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation in 2014, of which the fully automatic type is generally more expensive than the manual type, and the distributed photovoltaic takes up 60% of them. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of the whole process of photovoltaic power generation and service, indemnificatory acquisition, etc., to ensure that the subsidy funds are in place in a timely manner. At the same time, strive to achieve user side parity in photovoltaic power generation in 2020

the NEA also proposed that in 2014, the approval of key nuclear power projects will be launched in due time, the construction of nuclear power in coastal areas will be steadily promoted, and the protection of nuclear power plant sites in inland areas will be well done

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