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Are you still ignoring the information about food packaging bags?

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core tip: when many people buy things in the oxidation supermarket, they look at the quality guarantee date in a hurry, or even pay for the fire extinguisher without looking at anything. As everyone knows, is the information on these food packaging bags what you want? Or buy expired food

[China Packaging News] when shopping in the supermarket, many people look at the shelf life date in a hurry, or even pay in a hurry without looking at anything. However, is the information on these food packaging bags what you want? Or buy expired food

according to the provisions of the food hygiene law, the stereotyped packaged food must be marked on the package label or product manual according to different products: product name, place of origin, factory name, address, contact information, production date, batch number or code, specification or weight, formula or main ingredients, shelf life, consumption or use method, etc. Production license number, hygiene license number and executive standard number shall also be marked

everyone will see all kinds of labels and instructions on the package when buying food. Does it always make you confused? Just look at the production date every time. You can buy it safely as long as it is within the warranty period? In fact, a lot of information on the outer packaging contains University questions. Only by understanding the meaning can we avoid being "cheated". For example: high calcium, sugar free, non fried, in fact, these can neither supplement calcium, nor prevent high blood sugar, nor be oil-free

at the same time, we should also pay attention to the allergen information on the food bag. The state requires that the allergen information be marked on the package. Eight allergen substances are specified: grains containing gluten, crustaceans (shrimp, crab, etc.), fish, eggs, nuts and their nut products

among the foods with allergen information, chocolate accounts for the majority, and the information is detailed. When many people are allergic, they can only push back through the food they have eaten. In severe cases, asphyxia and anaphylactic shock occur. The food allergens contained or possibly contained in the food label shall be installed at a small angle to prompt consumers with allergies to choose their own food

therefore, customers and friends must see clearly the contents of the package when purchasing. If there is a large gift box outside, it is best to see the contents of the inner package. We should not try our best to see clearly, because this is directly related to our food hygiene and safety. Some time ago, several groups of counterfeiting cases of Babao porridge were exposed on the Internet. It is to re label the expired Babao porridge for sale. Many people didn't look at it carefully. If you look carefully, you can see the clues above and the covered corner can be seen clearly

will you still ignore a lot of information on food packaging bags to save trouble

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