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New patent of Xiaomi wearable device: AR smart glasses with wire connecting neck strap

original new patent of Xiaomi wearable device: AR smart glasses with wire connecting neck strap

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original title: new patent of Xiaomi wearable device: AR smart glasses with wires connected to neck strap

a new patent for Xiaomi wearable device: the AR intelligence of connecting the neck belt with wires. Its income is mainly reflected in the actual settlement interest rate! 10. Special engineering plastics

among the new patents published by the State Intellectual Property Office recently, a friend found a patent for Xiaomi's new ar smart glasses. The patent was submitted in december2019 and published this week on how to better use it

it can be seen from the patent figure applied by Xiaomi that in addition to the conventional design, Xiaomi's ar smart glasses are also connected with a neck strap through wires. At the same time, there are several embedded buttons on one side of the neck strap. It seems to be the volume control button and the power button

the novelty search results show that

Xiaomi's patent describes that it is "designed for wearable smart devices to enhance reality (AR)". Although there is still no more information about the functions and parameters of this smart ar glasses at present, from the point of view of its design, the addition of a neck strap can not only make the AR glasses not easy to lose, but also some equipment components can be arranged on the neck strap to facilitate the design of ar glasses more portable and comfortable

although Xiaomi has applied for this wearable device patent, it does not mean that Xiaomi will soon mass produce and launch corresponding physical products. It may even be just to increase the number of patent applications. Among wearable devices, Xiaomi's most advantageous one is Xiaomi bracelet. Xiaomi bracelet has been launched for 4 generations. According to IDC's statistics, in 2019, Xiaomi will continue to maintain its leading position in the Indian smart Bracelet market, with a market share of 48.9%. In addition to the bracelet, the TWS headset is another wearable device addition point. However, AR smart glasses are destined to lag behind due to the lack of more exciting content in the market. At present, among domestic manufacturers, Huawei ar glasses have some highlights

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