April 23 PP Market Overview

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On April 23, PP Market Overview in various regions

driven by the price increase of SINOPEC Guangzhou company, the market quotation of Shunde PP increased slightly by 50 yuan/ton, except for the bulletproof plug-in plates on the bulletproof jackets, which had little resources, the increase was even greater. The quotation of n-t30s was 12050 yuan/ton, the quotation of EPS30R was 12550 yuan/ton, and the quotation of j641 was 12450 yuan/ton. However, high-level transactions are still relatively common, and businesses are cautiously optimistic about the future market, believing that the market will remain upward in the short term

PetroChina East China continued to raise prices, and the price of PP market in Shanghai kept rising. There were not many sources of goods, and the merchants had a good attitude; The local CNPC wire drawing quotation is about yuan/ton; Injection molding quotation is about 12650 yuan/ton, and EPS30R quotation is about 13600 yuan/ton; The quotation of Shanghai T300 is about yuan/ton, and resources are scarce

the quotation of PP market in Guangzhou rose partially. Due to the price increase of SINOPEC Guangzhou company, the merchants took advantage of the trend to report higher prices, and their confidence in the future market was enhanced. The appearance of [universal material testing machine] with protective cover adopts extrusion sealing plate and high-grade baking paint. There are few local resources, the downstream demand is stable, and the market transaction is acceptable. At present, the mainstream of Maoming n-t30s has increased by 100 yuan/ton to 12750 yuan/ton. Note in terms of plastics, Hainan and Daqing v30g reported an increase of 50 yuan/ton to 12650 yuan/ton, and Guangzhou has few s700 resources. The supply of copolymers is small and the price is stable. Guangzhou j641 offers 13000 yuan/ton by pressing the "/print" button

Qilu Chemical City has a strong atmosphere of speculation in the PP market. Middlemen continue to raise their prices, but there are few resources and few transactions. Merchants also admit that the downstream factories are not active at present, mainly because middlemen promote the market upward. At present, the local T30S quotation is about yuan/ton, and the Qilu EPS30R quotation is about 13350 yuan/ton. SP179 is out of stock

the price of wire drawing materials in Nanjing PP market continues to rise slightly, the market resources are tight, the transaction is still feasible, and the merchants have a good mentality; The mainstream quotation of local Yangzi F401 is about 13000 yuan/ton; There are few copolymer resources, and the mainstream quotation of K8003 and j340 is about yuan/ton

the price of PP market in Tianjin continues to rise today. After Sinopec and PetroChina (16.52,0.51,3.19%, right) raised the price yesterday, the middlemen have increased their confidence in the future market, and their reluctance to sell is more obvious. A small number of local T30S mainstream offer high prices of yuan/ton. CNPC EPS30R has recently arrived, but offers are few. It is said that there are offers of about yuan/ton

affected by Sinopec's price increase in Guangzhou, the price of PP in Xiamen has risen by about 50 yuan/ton. There are not many local businesses. Today, they are still reluctant to sell, but the downstream is not very active. However, middlemen said that the rapid rise in the market in East China also played a certain role in driving South China. At present, the quotation of CNPC T30S dealers is 12700 yuan/ton, and that of Hainan T30S is 12700 yuan/ton

the PP market in Hangzhou has a high price and a good trading atmosphere. Due to the lack of resources, the merchants are reluctant to sell. The local wire drawing quotation is about yuan/ton; Copolymerization resources are tight, and the market price remains high. Yanshan k8303 quotes about yuan/ton, and 7726 quotes about yuan/ton. The transaction is good

the price of PP market in Linyi region rose empty. The middlemen were not eager to sell because they were optimistic about the future market, and there were few local resources. In this case, the merchants continue to raise the quotation. At present, T30S is reported as high as about yuan/ton without tickets locally. It is said that the actual transaction can be discussed

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