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Sinomach global largest horsepower electric drive bulldozer launched in Shanghai

Sinomach global largest horsepower electric drive bulldozer launched in Shanghai

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on November 25, at the 2014 BMW Shanghai exhibition, China SINOMACH Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sinomach") independently developed "smart manufacturing", D320e, the world's largest power electric drive bulldozer, was launched. His appearance fully reflects the new changes of construction machinery in the fields of green, energy saving and environmental protection

at present, medium and large-scale construction machinery in the world generally adopts hydraulic and mechanical transmission methods, among which the transmission efficiency of hydraulic torque converter is low, the noise of mechanical transmission transmission is large, and the fuel consumption is high. The electric transmission system is the most advanced transmission type in the world so far. It has the characteristics of small number of transmission parts, high efficiency, simple structure, light operation and low noise, so that the whole machine has the advantages of low failure rate, high attendance rate and easy operation, which will make China comfortable among the growing middle class and Western influential consumers

Sinomach, the world's largest horsepower electric drive bulldozer, launched in Shanghai

Sinomach is one of the first large enterprises to pay attention to electric drive technology and invest in research and development. After arduous exploration and breakthroughs in numerous technical difficulties, the d320e electric drive bulldozer of Sinomach heavy industries has finally been successfully developed. While filling the domestic gap, it has also created the miracle of the world's largest horsepower electric drive bulldozer, which is of great significance in the history of industry development

d320e bulldozer has made major breakthroughs in many key technical fields, such as complete machine matching, power unit, drive and control system, electrical system safety, hydraulic and cooling, strong CNC display system, and so on. At present, it has applied for 8 patented technologies. The machine adopts electric transmission, which improves the transmission efficiency. Compared with hydraulic transmission, it can play a greater traction and instant explosive force, and improve the operation efficiency; The starting torque is larger, which can meet the more stringent requirements of slope starting; The full slip point is basically located in the constant power section, and the motor and controller are still in the high-efficiency area, which has obvious advantages over the 75% efficiency of the torque converter with Hydro mechanical slip point, and has better energy-saving effect; Without torque converter, gearbox and central transmission, the transmission components are reduced and the failure rate is low. According to relevant data, the fuel consumption of an electric drive bulldozer can be reduced by 15% compared with a hydraulic drive bulldozer with the same horsepower; It can also reduce the emission of harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide by 10%, carbon dioxide by 14% and particles by 39%

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