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Six things a good manager must do (1)

as long as a manager does well in the "six refinements", he can do a good job in the enterprise and have a better life

the so-called "six improvements", is the machine of Jinan testing machine factory good? Refers to: 1? Pay no less than anyone's efforts; 2.? Be modest, not proud; 3.? Reflect every day; 4.? If you live, you should be grateful; 5.? Be kind, but be altruistic in this "speed down" environment; 6.? Forget the emotional troubles

"six improvements" is the most basic condition for doing a good job in enterprise management, and it is also the most basic condition that we must abide by to live a better life. If we can continue to practice these "six refinements" every day, our life will be better, even beyond our own imagination. This is my own life

first, pay no less than anyone's efforts

the first person to appear in the "six improvements" is "pay no less than anyone's efforts". This is the most important thing in business management

working hard every day is the most important thing in GB2423, the national standard of the people's Republic of China "guide to environmental experiment methods for electrical and electronic products", which guides the enterprise to conduct environmental experiments on Electrical and electronic products. If you want to have a better life and successfully run an enterprise, the prerequisite is to "pay no less than anyone's efforts". Failing to do this, the success of business and life are castles in the air

this year may be a recession, but no matter which era, no matter how recession, as long as you work hard, any difficulties can be overcome. People often say that business strategy is the most important and business tactics are indispensable. But I think there is no second way to success except hard work

when I was 27 years old, I began to run a business and set up "Kyocera" company. At that time, I didn't even know the word "Jing" of business, but I had only one idea in my heart. I couldn't let the company go bankrupt and the people who supported me and helped me set up the company suffer. For this reason, I work hard, often from early morning to early morning. It is this diligence that makes "Kyocera" brilliant today

I often think of my uncle. After the war, he was penniless and started a vegetable business. Uncle's education level is only after primary school. Whether it's Midsummer or winter, he pulls a large scooter much larger than his body to do business every day, and is laughed at by his neighbors. He didn't know what business was, how to do business, and didn't know accounting, but even with hard work and hard work under heavy pressure, the scale of his vegetable shop became larger and larger, and his business was smooth until his later years. No knowledge, no ability, but it is this kind of hard work that brought him fruitful results. The image of my uncle is deeply engraved in my childhood heart

why do I emphasize "hard work"

first, the premise of the existence of nature is that all life strives for survival. With a little money, the company just gets better, just want to be lazy, just want to be comfortable, this shallow idea is that we humans have. In nature, such creatures never exist

I watched a TV program. In the harsh and scorching desert, it also rains a few times a year. Taking advantage of the rain, some plants quickly germinate, grow leaves, bloom, bear fruit, and then wither. The life process is only a few weeks. They survive tenaciously in the desert. Although their lives are short, in order to leave their descendants, as long as there is a little rain, they will bloom and bear fruit, leaving the seeds on the surface of the earth to sprout again when it rains next year

it is the law of nature to survive tenaciously under harsh conditions. We human beings must also be serious and do our best to survive on the earth

I asked many people, "are you working hard?" "Yes, I'm working hard." I am not satisfied with such an answer! "Have you made no less efforts than anyone?" If you don't take it more seriously and work harder, you won't have ideal results

second. As long as you like your work, no matter how hard you work, you won't feel the pain. Working hard is a hard thing. If the hard things want to continue day by day, there must be a condition, that is to make yourself like the work you are doing now

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