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Analysis of the application of anti-counterfeiting technology (Part 1)

in recent years, with the development of the socialist market economy, enterprises and consumers have enhanced their awareness of self-protection. Many famous, special and high-quality product enterprises have adopted anti-counterfeiting technology from the needs of cracking down on counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, thus promoting the application and development of China's national defense counterfeiting technology

I. application of anti-counterfeiting technology

anti counterfeiting technology is an interdisciplinary subject, involving optics, chemistry, physics, electromagnetism, computer technology, spectrum technology, printing technology, digital printing technology, packaging technology and many other fields. In the past, the application of anti-counterfeiting technology in China was limited to the production of passports, certificates, currencies and securities by the government, banks, customs, taxation, economic, social and public security departments. Now, with the rapid development of market economy and commodity production, the printing of trademarks and logos and the packaging of trademarks are becoming increasingly high-grade, exquisite and safe (anti-counterfeiting is required). The commonly used anti-counterfeiting technologies include anti-counterfeiting ink, anti-counterfeiting paper, anti-counterfeiting self-adhesive, microfilm printing, special anti-counterfeiting printing of bills, safety wire, encryption technology, laser holographic transfer paper technology, positioning hot stamping, code anti-counterfeiting, nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting (nuclear track), anti-counterfeiting logo, manual engraving gravure printing, etc

at present, several anti-counterfeiting technologies widely used in China have their own advantages and disadvantages. They all have certain anti-counterfeiting effects and effects that can play a certain role in the correct detection of this material under certain service conditions and within the scope of application. At present, the widely used anti-counterfeiting technology in China has been introduced in a recent article, which will be further supplemented in this article

second, nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology

nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology is a micro anti-counterfeiting technology that can directly penetrate into various carriers. Its principle is to use the randomness, computerization and extension characteristics of the atomic nucleus group that begins to gradually return in the process of movement, and embed it in various carriers in a layered and three-dimensional manner, which sets insurmountable obstacles for the imitators, and even the producers themselves cannot imitate the same nuclear trace original

nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology introduces the anti-counterfeiting principle of ancient tiger amulet into the micro world. Its basic characteristics are as follows:

(1) uniqueness. At present, people cannot control the individual behavior of a large number of microscopic particles, so it is determined by the random group carving in the process of atomic nucleus movement. Its uniqueness is not guaranteed by expensive equipment, difficult to find materials and complex technology, but by its simplest random form. Taking the nuclear pore filter membrane as an example, even if the equipment, materials and technology for preparing the sample are handed over to the imitator, it is still unable to make infinitely extended random distribution nuclear pores. Therefore, compared with other anti-counterfeiting technologies, it has greater anti counterfeiting ability

(2) apparent recognition. The majority of consumers can see the trace of nuclear encryption from a certain angle, and its form is difficult to express by its method

(3) detectability. There are detectors with different prices for on-site detection and arbitration

(4) non transferability. This information can be integrated with various carriers and has the effect of one-time use

(5) the price is moderate and easy to use

2. Application examples

(1) it can be applied on laser holographic film

combining the nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology with the laser holographic film in a certain way can improve the anti-counterfeiting function of the tension and pressure sensors of strain gauges, and the anti-counterfeiting function of a wide variety of laser holograms at home and abroad. For example, the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo used in the customs declaration form, the tax refund manual, and the double guaranteed and trusted commodity logo used by the Beijing Institute of quality and technical supervision law all adopt the nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology

(2) it can be used on all kinds of paper

for example, the Chinese anti-counterfeiting commitment logo supervised by the China anti counterfeiting technology association is realized on anti-counterfeiting paper by using the combination of nuclear double card technology and ordinary printing technology

(3) it can be applied to various plastic films

for example, when various plastic bags such as packaging bags are sealed, the nuclear double card information is directly infiltrated into the seal of the plastic bag, or the nuclear double card information is directly infiltrated into the plastic film of the outer packaging on the cigarette packaging production line

(4) application in railway tickets

① nuclear double card encryption is carried out on the ticket base paper. After the paper is coated with nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting encryption machine for processing, the nuclear encryption anti-counterfeiting paper with "nuclear watermark" image can be obtained

② apply nuclear resonance trigger ink to print shading on the nuclear encryption paper, so that the nuclear encryption anti-counterfeiting paper has the functions of anti erasure and anti counterfeiting at the same time. Install the two-dimensional bar code software in the existing ticket printing equipment, and use the two-dimensional code formed by the nuclear resonance trigger material to realize the three prevention functions (anti-counterfeiting, anti alteration and anti reuse)

③ the secondary monitoring function of tickets can be realized by using the nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting recognizer and nuclear resonance trigger detector

(to be continued)

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