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Application analysis of electronic technology in power system

development of high-tech industry application analysis of electronic technology in power system Xiong Jiejia and Huang Jialin (Foshan Nanhai Hualin power and electrical installation Co., Ltd., Foshan 528211, Guangdong) have successively developed a variety of equipment in the application of technology in power system engineering. This paper makes a brief analysis of some applications of electronic technology in power system

1 the effect of power electronic technology on power system optimizes electric energy. We can use power electronic technology to deal with electric energy, optimize electric energy, use electric energy reasonably, and make the use of electric energy efficient, economical and optimal. For example, the promotion and application of power electronic technology in light industry papermaking, fan water pump, rolling mill smelting, induction heating, electric power involvement, chemical industry, and many other aspects, such as paper reeling, industrial kiln, welding, electrolysis, can achieve 10% - 40% energy-saving effect. At present, this energy-saving measure has been popularized and applied in many places in China

transform traditional industries and develop emerging industries. According to the prediction of some developed countries, 95% of the electric energy may be reused after being processed by power electronics technology in the future. Power electronic technology is a kind of strong current technology. It controls strong current through weak current. It is an important interface connecting electromechanical equipment and computers. It integrates information processing and power processing, provides technical support for the realization of automation, electromechanical integration and intelligence, and creates conditions for the adoption of electronic technology in traditional and emerging industries

promote the development of electromechanical equipment to high frequency. The development of power electronic technology in frequency conversion technology and high frequency makes electromechanical equipment break through the tradition of power frequency and develop to high frequency. It reduces the volume of electromechanical equipment, improves the speed of electromechanical equipment, realizes the best working efficiency, and can also adapt to any reference signal, whether there is noise

2 application of power electronic technology in power system hydropower generation has excellent anti-interference performance. China's hydropower resources account for 14.3% of the world's total hydropower resources, which is relatively rich. Therefore, we can give full play to the advantages of hydropower resources and vigorously develop hydropower. According to the prediction, China's hydropower capacity will reach 300million kwh by 2020 However, there is a disadvantage of hydropower generation, that is, the speed of the generator unit will change with the change of water head in wet and dry seasons. Power electronic technology can solve the influence of water head change. When the power generation is running, the traditional DC excitation is changed into ultra-low frequency variable frequency AC excitation through power electronic technology, and the change of excitation frequency is used to make up for the unstable change of generator rotor speed, so as to ensure that the hydro generator can continue to generate electricity when the water head drops during the water evaluation period

wind power generation. In the near future, wind power will become the third largest power source. China is also very rich in wind energy resources. The wind energy resources at 10m height are about 3.226 billion kw, of which 253 million KW can be developed and utilized. It is estimated that the total installed capacity of wind power in China will reach 30.15 million KW by 2020 However, the direction of the wind is constantly changing, and the effective power of wind power generation is directly proportional to the third power of wind speed. In order to maximize the geometry of natural neutral capture wind, don't blindly look at the appearance energy, so that the blades of the fan automatically change direction with the change of wind direction, you need to adopt variable speed constant frequency control technology, through the control of the constant frequency operation of the power converter, make the electric phase The frequency and other parameters are consistent with the output electric energy, and the two-way regulation of the power system and electricity. This solves the problem of uncertain wind direction of wind power generation

solar power generation. China is vast in territory and resources, and solar energy resources are also quite huge. Two thirds of the land area in China has sunshine hours of more than 2200h, and the average annual radiation is about 5900m/m2 At present, China's solar energy resources are mainly distributed in the southeast and western regions. It is estimated that 100MW photovoltaic power generation will be installed in China during the year. Whether independent or combined systems are used, when high-power solar power generation is carried out, the inverter with maximum power tracking function should be used to convert the DC power generated by the solar array into AC power, which requires the support of power electronics technology

the first is the application in DC transmission and light DC transmission. Due to its large transmission capacity, flexible control and regulation, and good stability, DC transmission is particularly suitable for submarine cable transmission and long-distance transmission. Since the birth of the first thyristor converter in the world in 1970, power electronics technology has been officially applied to DC transmission. After that, thyristor converter valves have been widely used in DC transmission projects. The second is the application in flexible AC transmission. Flexible AC transmission technology is a transmission technology based on power electronic technology and modern control technology, which can quickly and flexibly adjust the voltage, impedance and phase of AC transmission system. It came out in the late 1980s. Its equipment structure is relatively simple, low cost, easy to control, and greatly improves the stability of power system. At present, this technology has been applied in actual power system engineering

how to improve the power quality and strengthen the reliability of power supply is an urgent problem to be solved in the current distribution system. Power quality control should not only meet the requirements of frequency, voltage, harmonics and asymmetry, but also suppress various transient disturbances and fluctuations. Power electronic technology provides technical support for these. With the continuous development of power electronic devices, power equipment has also entered a period of rapid development

at present, China is facing this severe challenge of energy situation. Building a resource-saving society is our goal, and power electronics technology can effectively support electric energy storage and peak valley regulation

due to the continuous change of power consumption, the installed capacity of power generation should be prepared according to the maximum load, which will reduce the average utilization rate of generators. Through electronic technology, we can convert the alternating current stored at night into direct current and store it in the parallel combination of large capacitors. When we need electricity during the day, we can invert the direct current stored at night into usable alternating current through power electronic technology, which can improve the thermal efficiency of the system. In addition, we can also use the high magnetic conductivity motor to replace the previous ordinary motor, and realize the power-saving operation of the motor through the frequency converter to reduce the no-load rate of the motor. For small and medium-sized fans and pumps, we can use the low-voltage variable frequency speed regulation technology to save energy, and for medium and large-sized fans and pumps, we can use the high-voltage variable frequency speed regulation technology to save energy, and the energy-saving effect is very good

the future will be an important period for greater breakthroughs and development of new technologies, products and applications of power electronics. Although we have also made some achievements in the application of power electronic technology in power system, compared with the developed countries in the world, the development of power electronic technology in China is relatively backward

therefore, we should constantly improve our technology, track the world's advanced level, and innovate independently, so that power electronics technology can be more widely used in various industries and better serve us

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