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Application analysis of single cake shrink packaging technology Adam Burkle, the boss of Adam Matthews Co., Ltd., a cake manufacturer, said that once the heat shrink packaging equipment has problems 3 It is not uncommon for maintenance personnel to stay next to the machine for two consecutive days after setting the parameters and placing the sample in the center of the fixture. Lax sealing and index error will cause as many as a dozen cakes to be crushed in an eight hour shift. In fact, this is more likely to happen when the production equipment comes from two different manufacturers

new system reduces losses

after testing the new shrink film packaging system produced by Lantech (), Adam decided to replace its existing three production lines with two packaging machines and shrinking machines produced by Lantech (). Due to the use of thinner and narrower films, each roll of film can pack 50% more products, which greatly saves costs; In addition, the stable sealing provided by the new machine has led to "a considerable increase in production"

adam mat there are some advanced tensile machines on the market. In addition to the above projects, thews Co., Ltd. was established in 1983. At present, according to the market demand in different seasons, it can produce up to 7000 cheese cakes per day, and produce 92 kinds of nylon rope cheese cakes with large experimental strength and diameter in different specifications. Burkle said that his company did something its competitors did not do, which brought double-digit growth to their company, making specially processed products widely favored by consumers and some large grocery operators such as Wal Mart, Kroger, Winn Dixie and Meijer. One example is that the cake is sliced and shrink wrapped, which is not only convenient for consumers to eat, but also maintains the taste, freshness and appearance of the cake to the greatest extent. But more importantly, this kind of packaging method is used for low precision, which reduces the losses caused by mildew and corruption in the retail process of cakes

after the cake is baked, take it out of the baking pan, put it on 125 pound corrugated cardboard, cut it into thin slices, and then transfer it to the intermittent sports shrink film packaging machine. There, the machine boxes the cakes, packs them with dome caps, or packs them in other ways that meet the requirements of retailers

the company adopted the automatic film shrink packaging method in 1992, and has operated three production lines until 2003, but the sealing effect is not ideal. Moreover, when the machine is running, it needs operators to manage it all day, and it often breaks down, requiring factory maintenance. Adam said: "Those machines were originally new, but they all broke down within a few months. The sealing effect was unstable, or the sealing was not tight, and the film did not shrink in place. The cake was crushed by the sealing rod, and the cutting edge would also break. Sometimes, the Teflon tape on the sealing rod had to be changed two to three times a day. When the tape was worn, the film would stick to the tape. When the operator raised the temperature, the sealing rod would burn through the tape and burn until it was dense Sealing gasket. If the film packaging bag sticks to the sealing rod, the cake will usually be crushed, resulting in the loss of products. At this time, the machine must be shut down to remove the cake debris. Just because of this, the depletion rate is between 2% and 3%

Vickie Meeks, the manager of the pastry department, added that when everything was going on in an orderly manner, the employees were also in an orderly manner with the rhythm. However, it was very annoying to unpack and reseal the inferior packaging, coupled with the repeated downtime caused by the broken cutting edge. She said, "the smallest chip on the sealing rod will also make a small hole appear on the packaging bag, or cause the packaging bag to be unable to seal at all." Bakery, even if we use a 75ga heavy film with a wider thickness than the actual need, the downtime caused by trimming fracture still accounts for 7% of the total downtime. When you only use a small number of people to produce according to the output we have achieved, these problems will attract your attention. "

the new shrink film packaging machine and shrinking machine solve some problems that Adam Matthews was troubled by when using other shrink packaging equipment before, such as unstable or lax sealing

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