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Application and advantage analysis of laser processing technology in the automotive industry

in China, the introduction of laser technology into the automotive industry occurred in the 1960s and 1970s, and the most typical example is Dahongqi automobile in 1976. Up to now, laser technology still plays a very important role in automobile manufacturing. Whether high-end vehicles such as BMW, Ferrari, Shijie with a guaranteed range of 600 (1) 500mm, or ordinary Chevrolet and Volkswagen, they cannot do without the support of laser technology, especially in the body, almost every vehicle must use laser welding and laser cutting technology, And the consumption is 1 every year. At present, the plastic machinery market in the United States has exceeded the severe winter period Extrusion system: the extrusion system includes screw, barrel, hopper, head, and mold addition

in fact, laser technology has come to this day, and so many applications in automobiles are mainly related to the demand of the automotive industry for laser processing, which is the result that the advantages of laser processing can meet the requirements of automotive production. So, what are the applications of laser technology in automobile production? What are its advantages

at present, the application field of laser technology in automobile mainly includes two aspects: one is welding, which is mainly used to weld the car body; The other is cutting, especially the cutting of hot formed steel plates. In addition, laser processing technology is also used in the transmission part of the car, from the engine, transmission shaft to the wheel, and most of the transmission parts are laser welded

the advantages of laser technology in automobile manufacturing are mainly manifested in that laser can improve the rigidity, reliability and safety of automobiles. Especially in the development of the automotive industry in pursuit of low-cost, energy conservation and emission reduction, lightweight, high safety, laser processing technology is just one of the important high-tech to achieve these goals

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