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The flexible joint driven technical service robot was successfully developed in Shanghai

on August 3, Boling robot released two wearable health management collaborative robots in Shanghai, namely, "motion data acquisition exoskeleton" and "walking assisted exoskeleton". It is understood that the "walking assisted exoskeleton" robot used in the field of medical care adopts flexible joint drive technology, which forms a significant generation difference with similar products in terms of safety, comfort and human-computer interaction, and can comprehensively improve the user's wearing experience

it is reported that robot flexible drive technology is the basis for endogenetic safety, enhanced situational awareness, and enhanced human-computer interaction in the robot development roadmap for the next decade planned by the National Science Foundation of the United States. At present, the fastest-growing category of cooperative robots in the field of industrial robots is based on this technology. It is the first time in the world to apply the flexible joint drive technology to the field of service robots. Zhang Meng, the founder and CEO of Boling robot, said, "we are very happy to launch these two new products to the market and use our own advantages to solve some practical problems in the field of general health. Since its inception, Boling robot has been based in Shanghai Lingang, focusing on independent research and development, gathering global wisdom and serving the Chinese market. We hope to become a sports assistant who knows more about domestic consumers."

in addition, the "exercise data acquisition exoskeleton aerogel gel insulation board takes nano-2 oxidation Trex's best product as the building material with composite materials and PVC as the main raw materials, and silicon aerogel as the main material" robot is mainly used in the field of sports and fitness. It can help athletes better detect and evaluate their sports behavior, test their sports performance and sports ability, prevent sports injuries, give personalized guidance on the first half of the exercise program, and enhance the stickiness of follow-up services in fitness scenes by collecting the wearer's sports data. These two exoskeleton robot products are expected to enter the market in the first half of 2019

at the press conference, Boling robot, Qianjing rehabilitation Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Institute of translational medicine and try to shorten the signal transmission distance, Lyon crode, France? Bell University and Hangzhou lecke sports signed cooperation agreements respectively, and will cooperate with many parties in the fields of product R & D support, clinical application, standard setting and so on

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