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"Flexible DC" opens a new way of intelligent delivery of renewable energy

whether from the perspective of resource depletion, or the impact of environmental climate change, China's energy system from the power generation side, power side and then to the consumption side, has unlimited expectations and attention for the effective development and utilization of renewable energy. Although in recent years, with the extensive involvement of new technologies, the gradual improvement of market mechanism and the rational transformation of development layout, the "three discards" problem represented by "heaven sent benefits are effectively alleviated, on the way to fundamentally solve the problem of renewable energy consumption, peak load regulation, power transmission and market mechanism construction are still unavoidable at this stage

in recent years, Guoji North Power Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable results in breaking through the bottleneck of new energy development. By the end of August 2017, a total of 6.7 billion yuan had been invested to build 2800 kilometers of 110 kV and above clean energy transmission lines, with a transformation capacity of 6.78 million KVA, improving the ability to absorb new energy by relying on large electricity. Establish a market-oriented trading mechanism to promote the local consumption of new energy through electric heating and electric energy substitution projects, and fully purchase 17.18 billion kwh of new energy electricity, with a year-on-year increase of 24.3%. Among the provincial-level power plants with an installed capacity of more than 10 million kw of new energy, the new energy rejection rate is the lowest

at the same time, relying on its unique regional advantages, Guoji North Power Co., Ltd. takes the opportunity of building Zhangbei renewable energy flexible DC project, through the demonstration and application of flexible DC transmission and other advanced technologies, actively builds a high proportion of large-scale safe and intelligent new energy transmission routes, improves the ability of electricity to accept and allocate a variety of energy, and makes beneficial exploration for changing the development pattern of large-scale electricity and promoting the energy revolution with science and technology

open up new ways for large-scale transmission of renewable energy

China's clean energy development focuses on the western and northern regions, mostly at the end of electricity, and even in the blank area of electricity. AC is difficult to support the safe and stable operation of large-scale conventional DC. At present, a lot of research has been carried out around the collection and consumption of renewable energy in the world, among which flexible DC transmission is the technical field that has been focused on. The sending and receiving ends of flexible DC transmission can be connected with weak current or passive power, and can independently and quickly control the active power and reactive power, so as to realize the dynamic and continuous regulation of transmission power. The operation mode is flexible, and has the conditions to build DC power, which can collect and send new energy sources on a large scale

as the world's first demonstration project of large-scale consolidation of land renewable energy using flexible DC technology, the Zhangbei flexible DC demonstration project of North Hebei electric power construction is composed of four flexible DC converter stations and four DC overhead lines to build a four terminal ring flexible DC power that transmits large-scale wind power, photovoltaic, pumped storage and other energy

after the demonstration project is put into operation, it not only meets the reliable delivery and consumption of renewable energy in Zhangjiakou, effectively supports the low-carbon green winter Olympics, but also realizes and demonstrates the mode of large-scale clean energy delivery under the condition of weak AC system at the delivery end, which is of great demonstration significance for exploring the development and utilization mode of new energy in Western and northern regions of China. In the future, using flexible DC transmission technology to realize large-scale clean energy power generation and transmission in China will have broad application prospects

new energy realizes "friendly access"

Northern Hebei is rich in new energy resources, with a variety of typical elements such as wind, light, pumping and storage, and has good conditions for multi energy complementary construction. Due to the characteristics of new energy, the large-scale concentration and merger of a variety of new energy has brought certain impacts and hidden dangers to the safe and stable operation of electricity. How to achieve the common long-term development of new energy and electricity has become an urgent problem to be solved

the four terminal ring flexible DC power transmission system built by the Zhangbei flexible DC demonstration project, which transmits large-scale wind power, photovoltaic, pumping and storage and other energy sources, effectively solves the new energy friendly and difficult problems. By giving full play to the technical advantages of flexible DC transmission in the development and utilization of new energy, the reliability of new energy can be greatly improved. If there is a fault, the power flow transfer after the fault can be realized. At the same time, it also has good flexibility, which can realize the flexible interaction of multiple energy sources and improve the utilization efficiency of renewable energy

in addition, based on the good scalability of the Zhangbei Rouzhi demonstration project, it is easy to expand new landing points at the sending and receiving ends. By building a flexible DC loop in Zhangbei, the day and night complementarity of large-scale photovoltaic and wind energy can be realized, as well as the flexible energy interaction between new energy and energy storage power supply, forming a stable and controllable power supply to the receiving end, so as to solve the system peak shaving problem after large-scale new energy access. Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station Phase I and phase II projects located in Chengde City, Hebei Province have been approved by the state. After being put into operation, it will be one of the main peak shaving power stations in Beijing Tianjin and northern Hebei. At that time, the demonstration project will take Zhangbei and Kangbao as the sending end of new energy, Fengning as the regulating end, and Beijing as the receiving end, so as to realize the complementarity of new energy and pumped storage, reduce the disturbance and impact of intermittent energy on AC, and realize the "friendly access" of new energy

clean alternative protection capital clear water and blue sky

Beijing Tianjin and northern Hebei Power are typical multi-directional, multi-channel, multi-point receiving terminals. It is expected that the maximum load of Beijing Tianjin and northern Hebei Power will reach 69650 MW in 2018, 78990 MW in 2020, and the growth rate of the 13th five year plan is about 7.8%

in recent years, new energy in northern Hebei has developed rapidly, but the local consumption capacity of new energy is limited. After the Zhangbei renewable energy flexible DC power project is put into operation, clean power can be directly transmitted to the northwest of Beijing. At that time, 3000 megawatts of clean power will replace the current gas-fired thermoelectric units, solving the problem of replacing gas-fired power plants nearby and improving the environmental quality of the capital. After the demonstration project is put into operation, it can meet the power demand of Yanqing District new 3. The working piston is equipped with a spherical support rod to increase electricity and heat supply, and improve the power supply capacity of Yanqing. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, there are many development hotspots in Yanqing District, and the load will increase significantly. By 2020, Yanqing District will complete 69000 coal to electricity projects, and will usher in major sports events such as the world horticultural exposition and the Winter Olympics. It is predicted that the maximum power demand in Yanqing District in 2020 will be about 700 MW. The Beijing converter station in the demonstration project is located in Yanqing District, so that more clean power can be injected into the northwest of Beijing, which will greatly meet the load development of Yanqing District, realize the replacement of bulk coal combustion, and let clean power help Beijing's urban development

meet the challenge of new energy development with scientific and technological innovation

the blowout development of clean energy and the continuous access of large-scale wind power and photovoltaic power stations have an impact on the stable operation of electricity. There is usually a ball screw on the column to fix the movable 10 prefix, which can not be underestimated. Based on the construction of Zhangbei renewable energy flexible DC power project, Guoji north power focuses on a series of cutting-edge topics such as clean energy, so as to ensure the stable operation of electricity while serving the rapid development of clean energy

with the help of the national wind power storage and transmission demonstration power station, Guoji North Power Co., Ltd. actively explores the friendly and smooth output methods and means of clean energy, and realizes the complementary mechanism and system integration of wind power storage combined power generation, panoramic monitoring and coordinated control, high-precision wind power joint power prediction, source coordination technology and large-scale electricity. What should we pay more attention to the network marketing of tensile testing machine at this time? Five technological breakthroughs in the integrated application technology of pool energy storage have made a series of remarkable achievements

based on the randomness, intermittency and other characteristics of wind power, Guoji north power also carried out the consistency verification of low-voltage ride through capability of wind turbines for clean energy stations and the on-site detection of dynamic reactive power compensation devices in wind farms, effectively reducing the voltage fluctuation level in the wind power collection area and ensuring the safe operation of wind power. In addition, continuous innovation and breakthroughs have been made in clean energy scheduling technology. With the application of new energy power prediction technology, the average accuracy of short-term wind power and photovoltaic power prediction in 2016 was 91% and 86% respectively. At the same time, we continued to promote the construction of clean energy active power control system. In 2016, relying on the active power control system, clean energy stations generated 940million kwh, accounting for 4.3% of the total power generation of new energy in northern Hebei, and the equivalent utilization hours were about 50 hours. Since it was put into operation in February 2014, the active power control system has generated an additional 1.6 billion kwh

in the next step, Guoji North Power Co., Ltd. will take scientific and technological innovation as the engine, actively implement the national and national company development strategies, promote the construction of Zhangjiakou innovation demonstration area of global energy interconnection based on the 2022 Beijing Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Games, and strive to build an internationally leading clean energy demonstration base. Relying on the national key research and development plan, carry out research on smart electricity technology supporting the low-carbon Winter Olympics, and develop advanced power planning, transmission, consumption and operation control technologies, so as to lay a solid technical foundation for the green and low-carbon Winter Olympics in 2022. According to the unified plan of the State Grid Corporation of China, the world's first ± 500 kV four terminal ring flexible DC power will be built in Zhangbei, Kangbao, Fengning and Yanqing in northern Hebei, to explore the future power form and realize the friendly combination, collection and transmission of a high proportion of new energy. The national wind power storage and transmission demonstration power station will be transformed by using the technology of unit wind power, photovoltaic and plant station virtual synchronous generator to build a new energy power station with the largest capacity in the world and the function of synchronous generator in the whole station, so as to improve the friendliness of wind power generation

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