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Flame seal directly sells flame retardant coatings in the spray polyurethane market

flame seal product company, which is engaged in the research, development and sales of fire retardant technology, recently said that it will directly sell spray polyurethane foam products with the brand of typical energy-saving material flamesealtb in the spray polyurethane foam Market. Flame seal TB is a kind of foaming fire retardant coating film, which has good fire resistance and heat resistance, and has reached the certification of ICC (International Code Committee) fire protection standard

mike Kiser, President of flame seal products company, said: "since the announcement of the plan to sell flame seal TB directly in the market, there has been a great response. We will provide value-added services to our customers. The development of the aviation industry will promote the continuous rise of the market value of polymer composites to enhance our market position."

according to the company's direct selling strategy, flame seal products company has developed a series of services to support more than 10 sealtb applications of flame foreign brands. These services include: station analysis, code and application support, and device testing. The company said these services would be launched in the next few weeks

flame seal products company said that now it can reduce the cost by 30% by selling products directly to foam contractors. Flame seal products said that it would continue to cooperate with contractors to promote the company's products to the market, and was happy to help contractors provide customers with the best value and foam devices

It is almost the same as pingkuang group

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