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Weisheng embedded system Amos

the dining table is an important appliance for daily life. After a hard day, sitting at your favorite table can make you feel happy and relieve fatigue. Therefore, most dining tables are designed very beautifully. However, for modern urbanites, beautiful appearance alone is not enough. Now people begin to pursue high technology, hoping to find a table with high technology to enrich the dining experience. A system integrator uses the embedded system amos-3001 of via as the core and integrates it into the touch table; It adopts the current wes7 embedded operating system and Microsoft Surface multi touch technology, and uses serial port to connect 32 inch touch screen to realize multi touch control. On the dining table, you can realize the human-computer interaction functions such as dish preview, ordering, serving, playing the game of weak and stable market price of imported minerals, and using the meal is more vivid and convenient. The Weisheng embedded system amos-3001 uses the Weisheng epia-p820 and epia-p720 Pico itx motherboards, adopts the fan free design, and supports 2 serial ports, 4 USB, WiFi, 8-bit D i/0, which fully meets the customer's requirements for the performance and stability of the product. This product has been used in many Shanghai restaurants and has won praise from the majority of consumers

via amos-3001 takes advantage of the superior characteristics of via epia-p820 and epia-p720pico itx motherboards to provide customers with an embedded system solution for detecting film thickness up to 5 nm. It has all the latest functions and meets the digital media standards required by the increasingly multimedia centric application environment. Storage is provided through a 44 pin IDE interface connected to DOM flash disk, and an optional storage subsystem expansion shell is expected to help you provide support for the standard 2.5-inch s-ata hard disk drive. The onboard RJ45 connector provides gigabit network, while the via vt1708b brings high-definition audio effect. Other functions include four USB2.0 interfaces, on-board GPIO ports, COM ports and Programmable Watchdog Timers. The system LED shows the power and HDD activity status

about the key features of via amos-3001

key features:

1) size: 150mm (W) x 45mm (H) x 108mm (d)

2) fan free design, ultra compact embedded system design, supporting epia-p720 and EPIA P820 embedded boards

3) it supports comprehensive i/o functions on the front and rear panels, and is suitable for a variety of embedded applications

4) the working temperature range is -20 C ~ 70 c

5) it can withstand 70g impact and 7g vibration to ensure maximum reliability

6) support H.264 hardware acceleration of Full Hd 1080p, MPEG-2 and wmv9 display

7) support Gigabit Ethernet and optional Wi Fi wireless network

8) multi installation solution: Wall/desktop/vesa

9) complete embedded operating system platform

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