The hottest flat-panel truck hit a tree and a man

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While ensuring the function, the truck hit the tree and hit the man on Tianshan West Road was caused by the driver's fatigue driving

original title: the truck hit the tree and hit the man on Tianshan West Road was caused by the driver's fatigue driving

at about 5:40 a.m. yesterday, a car accident occurred on Tianshan West Road. A truck suddenly rushed to the left non motorized lane, knocking down telephone poles and roadside trees. The electricity supply to the surrounding businesses was cut off due to the collapse of the electric pole, and a cyclist was injured when the tree fell

at the time of the incident, the truck was traveling west to east from the west of Tianshan Road, suddenly deflected to the left, rushed to the non motorized Lane across the road, and knocked down telephone poles and roadside trees

after the pole was hit, the surrounding merchants lost power. After the hit Wutong tree fell, it injured a cyclist and damaged the signboards of surrounding merchants. After the rolling shutter door was deformed, the store could not open

the staff of the store said, "the owner of the store hasn't come yet. The door can't be opened, and we can't open it. The power is off, and now all of them can't be opened. What was damaged? It's the shop sign you saw."

after the incident, 110 and 120 rushed to the scene to tow the truck away to divert the traffic and minimize the impact on the morning peak. Power repair personnel also rushed to the accident site at the first time to repair the circuit and cut off and remove the thick trunk of Wutong tree section by section

the incident was located at the gate of Xinjing first village community, and the access was blocked. The security guard of the community had to open another door of the community to guide the vehicles showing the charm of materials to customers in and out

the security guard of the community said, "fortunately, we have a second door that can be opened. When we open the electric door, that is, the main door."

according to the witness, the cyclist who was pressed was a resident of the community. At that time, he was riding out to work, but he was hit by a fallen tree. An accident occurred, and his helmet and personal belongings were also scattered on the ground. First aid until all the residual materials were discharged. After the personnel arrived, the cyclist was sent to the hospital for treatment. The driver said that when he looked down at the navigation, he was distracted, which led to the accident

the security guard of the community said, "it should be when the tree fell. The injured person was in the community. He went to work in the morning and was hit by a battery car. He was overwhelmed, wasn't he? Well, when I saw him, his head was covered with blood. According to the driver, he was looking at the navigation, because he had to make a big turn in front of him, probably looking at the navigation."

at the scene, the fallen tree not only smashed the shop sign, but also overwhelmed many bicycles parked nearby. Power repair personnel are cutting off branches and removing all obstacles to restore power as soon as possible and reduce the losses of surrounding merchants

the emergency repair personnel said, "I don't know where to dig this foundation. A row of facades and shops around the door have power cuts, and the power poles are 380V."

9. After the gap between the damping needle of the oil delivery valve and the damping hole was too small, the police controlled the driver. Today, we learned from the police that the driver was tired and had been arrested. At the same time, the driver was deducted 6 points and fined 200 yuan. When driving the large truck on Tianshan West Road, the driver was fatigued due to long-time driving, and then the car slowly turned to the left. As a result, the car hit a roadside tree at one end, damaged power facilities and roadside shop signs, and another cyclist was injured

after the incident, public security, electric power and other departments rushed to the scene to ease traffic and repair equipment and facilities. Fang introduced that the driver sun has been criminally detained by Changning police in accordance with the law on suspicion of negligent damage to traffic. Sun's behavior of driving a motor vehicle under fatigue will also be punished by 6 points deduction and a fine of 200 yuan

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