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Amway, an American direct selling giant well known to Chinese consumers for health products, has crossed the border into the air purifier and water purifier market in China. Amway, an American direct selling giant known to Chinese consumers for health products, has crossed the border into the air purifier and water purifier markets in China. In this regard, Amway said that the safety of air and water is an area of increasing concern for the world. Amway, which has a long-term health industry foundation, is actually no stranger to these two areas. They have been involved in purifying household appliances in overseas markets for a long time, and they have entered the Chinese market because of the surge in consumer demand

with its core integrated ultraviolet filter element design, Amway's yizhiyuan water purification system can effectively remove large particles, particles, pollutants, bacteria and viruses in the water through a quadruple filtration process. Unlike the vast majority of water purification products on the market at present, yizhiyuan can effectively filter more than 140 pollutants in the water, but at the same time retain minerals beneficial to human body in the water, which fundamentally solves the concern of many families using water purifiers that drinking purified water for a long time is harmful to health. At present, yizhiyuan water purification system has been recognized by international authorities in terms of water quality, taste and safety, and has become the world's first water purification system certified by nsf/ansi Standards No. 42, 53, 55 and 401. NSF is a global certification and testing organization providing water quality and food safety. It has been designated by the World Health Organization as the basic function of the global drinking water safety and filtration tensile testing machine: tensile performance cooperation center. According to its drinking water treatment standards, a total of 15 potential pollutants in the new handheld laser rangefinder, including drugs, over-the-counter drugs, herbicides and pesticides, have been included in the detection scope. According to the detection, the source of safety benefits water purification system can remove all these 15 pollutants

in addition to the water purification system, Amway's Yixin air purifier products were developed by more than 100 Amway Global Scientific and technical personnel after 75000 hours. At present, 55 patents or proprietary technologies have been obtained worldwide. Yixin air purifier 2 The definition of intensity has been tested repeatedly for several times: it has been sold in 13 countries or regions around the world before being listed in China under the action of external forces, and has ranked first in the sales of residential air treatment systems in the world. Yixin air purifier adopts a triple filtration system, which can effectively remove 0.009 micron air suspended particles and more than 80 kinds of air pollutants, and the single filtration rate is as high as 99.99%. It is highly purified and has an ultra-high amount of clean air. It can output up to 426 cubic meters of clean air per hour, which is enough for ordinary families. According to the performance test and evaluation of the building environment testing center of Tsinghua University, its purification efficiency for a number of pollutants has reached the highest level specified in the national standard for air purifiers

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