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The innovative technology of BHS pressurized drum filter (middle)

pump pressure feeding and the optional size of independent chamber make BHS pressurized drum filter have many advantages over pneumatic filtration in many applications. Mixing slurry is not required in BHS pressurized drum filter

in BHS pressurized drum filter, all chambers (including unit chamber) can operate normally from atmospheric pressure to the maximum design pressure of the machine. That is to say, for filtration pressure, washing pressure and drying pressure, such as 4bar, the material can be unloaded normally under atmospheric pressure without adding additional pressure plugs. Unloading is realized by reverse blowing of compressed air from the back of the filter. If necessary, a pair of scraper can be added to scrape the filter cake out of the unit chamber. Thus, no matter what kind of solid material, the filter can discharge it. The unloading is continuous, and the unloaded products are in small pieces

Figure 2: application example - four step filtration operation with countercurrent backwashing

step 1: directly input the suspension through the material pump and discharge the filtrate

second rack, bottom plate and other steps: input the washing filtrate from the next washing process and discharge the high concentration washing filtrate

step 3: input pure washing solution, discharge slightly polluted washing filtrate, and supply it to the upper level of washing

step 4: dry with compressed gas. After being condensed, the components of the blown out washing liquid are input to the first stage washing process for use, and the discharged gas enters the gas washing device for treatment

under what circumstances should BHS pressurized drum filter be used? BHS pressurized drum filter is mainly used in continuous production, and intermittent production can also be used. The concentration of solid substances in suspension should be above 10g/l, up to the limit concentration of flow dynamics. For particle size 3 μ The material filter of M can be easily processed, and the minimum particle size cannot be less than 1 μ m 。 The resistance pressure of filter cake per unit weight should be 1.0 × 1013 to 1.0 × 1015 1/m2. The rule of thumb is to produce a filter cake with a thickness of 10mm between 10 and 100 seconds at a pressure of up to 3 bar. The filter cake is usually 3 to 25mm thick, up to 165mm. Other applications of BHS pressurized drum filter include solvents, hot suspensions and toxic substances that need to be treated under closed conditions with a maximum pressure of 3bar

progress and development

in order to meet the needs of the growing market, BHS pressure switch adopts the method of camera to track the change of gauge distance, which is one of the methods. Drum filter is constantly improved in technology and performance to avoid rust and development. Its maximum working pressure can reach 6bar, which basically matches the output pressure of today's centrifugal pump. Higher working pressure brings higher production efficiency, and also makes the thickness of filter cake as high as 165mm for a long time. According to the needs of the process, the working temperature of BHS pressurized drum filter can be as high as 200 ℃. Up to 5 levels of cake washing can also be achieved. Under the above operating conditions, the speed of the filter is 2rpm

the use of modern new materials, such as the use of non lubricated packing rope in the frame, has promoted the improvement of the performance of BHS pressurized drum filter. Using Peek (polyether ether ketone) as internal sealing material has been proved to be very effective. The maintenance free roller support and the directly coupled center drive reduce the need for maintenance, reduce the radial deformation of the drum and frame, and improve the sealing performance of the frame

the structural design of the filter, including the complex deformation caused by mechanical load and thermal load, was studied and checked by finite element analysis (FEA). The mechanical tolerance of the improved machine is reduced, and the thermal deformation and mechanical deformation are balanced in different materials

in the automatic pressure filter, the ability to clean the filter has been significantly improved. This model integrates all the above improvements, and adds a movable frame design, which requires comprehensive FEA calculation. Figure 4 is the physical drawing of this type of machine. Figure 5 shows the deformation of this type of machine under the action of highly eccentric thermal load and mechanical load. The movement of the rack allows people to freely contact the inside of the rack and the drum, which is a great improvement for maintaining the machine, cleaning the machine and quickly changing products

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