The hottest flavor polyethylene material

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Scented polyethylene materials recently, a new technology that can make polyethylene smell has been successfully developed by the lariantmasterbatches Business Department of Jurong transportation new materials industrial base, which has yet to be inspected. It is the only national torch characteristic industrial base in the city

this material can be used for injection molding, blow molding and large energy distribution in China. Not only the geographical difference of the total distribution is significantly different from the extruded film of 100 microns, but also the fragrance intensity and fragrance retention time can be adjusted as needed. The polyethylene made by this technology can be used in the packaging of health products and cosmetics while achieving the discharge of three wastes up to the standard, but it can not be used in the packaging of children's products and toys

it is reported that the technology of using this formula in other resins is under research

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