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Flexible and intelligent robots shine 2014 AMTS

from August 11 to 13, 2014, AMTS 2014 Shanghai international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment and materials exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center

nowadays, robot welding technology has been widely used in the automotive industry. According to the statistics of the International Federation of robots, 38% of the industrial robots sold in China in 2013 were used in the automotive industry, and welding applications accounted for a considerable part. In this exhibition, Shanghai FANUC has brought wonderful applications such as robot spot welding, arc welding and laser cutting to the welding field of the automotive industry

robot high-speed intelligent flexible spot welding

the new spot welding robot FANUC r-2000ic/210f has the characteristics of high speed, intelligence, compactness and so on. Combined with the airspeed HC versa device of irvision Pregis, it mainly loads HC coil and makes it expand automatically. The comprehensive application of 2D vision, servo positioning device, visual electrode cap detection function, learning vibration reduction function and other functions improves the welding stability and shortens the production cycle of the system, Make the spot welding operation more intelligent

figure: the robot's high-speed intelligent flexible spot welding performance shows

the robot cooperates with FANUC servo welding gun for aluminum welding

FANUC M-10iA robot cooperates with FANUC's unique servo welding gun and Fanuc single axis 500kg standard positioner, which has the characteristics of no spatter arcing, beautiful weld formation, etc., and realizes high-quality aluminum alloy intersecting line welding

figure: aluminum welding of robot with FANUC servo welding gun

robot laser cutting

fanuc m2, bellows ring stiffness testing machine due to the characteristics of pipes, 710ic/50 robot is perfectly matched with cutting tool tool tool. 5. Stretching speed range: 0 ~ 500mm/min (special requirements are determined separately), realizing three-dimensional high-speed and high-precision cutting of workpiece. Cutting tool adopts advanced servo technology and linkage mechanism to realize high-precision cutting of small trajectory, and can cut a small circle of 1. With the perfect cooperation of roboguide software independently developed by FANUC, offline programming of space complex 3D cutting program can be realized

figure: laser cutting tool

high cost performance welding robot FANUC r-0ib

high cost performance welding robot FANUC r-0ib was also exhibited at this exhibition. R-0ib has the characteristics of light weight, compact structure and high cost performance. Its body weight is reduced to 99kg, which is suitable for arc welding applications in narrow areas, and can cooperate with mainstream welding power sources at home and abroad for digital communication

in addition, Shanghai FANUC also participated in the third auto body welding technology development forum held at the same time. Dr. Kong Meng, head of the arc welding laser application department of Shanghai FANUC robot, systematically introduced the application examples of FANUC robot in body in white manufacturing from four aspects: high speed, flexibility, intelligence and networking. After the speech, the on-site participants asked questions one after another, and the response was enthusiastic

figure: Dr. Kong Meng, head of the arc welding and laser application department of Shanghai FANUC robot, delivered a speech

figure: FANUC welding workshop flexible and intelligent robot solution dialogue summit

fanuc robot has a high reputation in the automotive industry. In addition to welding, it also has a deep technical heritage and innovative solutions in the four automotive process fields of stamping, coating and assembly

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