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Flexible OLED display screen is hot, BOE calls for group development

"there are many directions for flexible OLED in the future, and the shape and process route of products and the combined application of various technologies are far from mature." At the 2017 first China flexible display technology (materials) International Forum held in Shenzhen, Chang Cheng, vice president of BOE, said that he hoped to form a joint community with more equipment and material manufacturers to meet future challenges

this year, Apple has become the focus of the industry with Samsung's AMOLED display. Compared with traditional LCD screens, AMOLED screens have the characteristics of low power consumption, high brightness, rich colors, lighter and thinner, and intelligent manufacturers have also begun to compete for AMOLED displays

insiders told Nandu that the color darkening of AMOLED display will be a problem in the later stage of use. However, due to the fashion and good-looking, most domestic manufacturers hope to get such displays. According to the estimate of Jibang consulting photoelectric research center, the long-term penetration rate of AMOLED is expected to increase year by year. It is expected that the wear rate of parts will be close to 50% in 2020, and AMOLED is expected to become the mainstream technology of intelligence

however, at present, Samsung has almost an absolute advantage in AMOLED market share. According to IHS, a market research organization, the market size of small-size mobile OLED displays is $25billion, while Samsung accounts for 97% of the market share

the brand's huge demand for AMOLED display also brings great opportunities to domestic panel enterprises. It is understood that at present, domestic panel enterprises such as BOE, Hehui, vicino, csot, Tianma, etc. have layout. In October this year, BOE built its first domestic and second flexible screen production line in the world to achieve mass production. At the delivery ceremony of BOE's first batch of flexible screen products, JD delivered this flexible screen to more than a dozen manufacturers in China, such as Huawei, oppo, vivo, Xiaomi, ZTE, Nubia, etc., which are generally not classified as non-destructive testing class 1 manufacturers

Chang Cheng, vice president of BOE, said at the above forum, "although BOE has achieved global leadership in LCD, we feel that in the o LED market, we still need to learn from many customers, partners and competitors." He admitted that there are many directions for flexible o-led in the future, and the product form, process route, and the combination and application of various technologies are far from mature. "We hope that more equipment and material manufacturers can form a joint community with us to meet the planning and challenges of flexible screen in the future."

for the gap between domestic panel enterprises and Samsung in AMOLED mass production, Tianma had previously responded to Nandu, "this comes from the late start of our technology. Samsung has initially achieved AMOLED mass production as early as 2010, and has also experienced a long period of technical exploration and market investment. For China, manufacturers still need to constantly explore and try AMOLED technology."

Tianma believes that domestic manufacturers are gradually breaking the monopoly of OLED mass production, which also means that domestic brand manufacturers such as Huawei accurately weigh out the C919 and also adopt a large number of composite materials and new aviation alloys, oppo, vivo, and Xiaomi will no longer rely on external procurement of the screen, which alleviates the relationship between supply and demand of OLEDs to a certain extent. At the same time, the independent supply of OLED panels has brought more development opportunities for domestic brand manufacturers' independent design capabilities and new technology research and development applications. It is no longer controlled by the supply chain of foreign enterprises, and has brought more advantages for Chinese brands to enter the global market. The next few years will be a strategic opportunity period for the development of China's display panel industry and industry

source: Southern Metropolis Daily

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