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Weisheng embedded system Amos

with the continuous improvement of people's safety awareness, the application of computer room safety monitoring system is also getting higher and higher. The construction of computer room monitoring system is based on network generic cabling, adopts distributed monitoring, places monitoring host in the computer room monitoring room, runs monitoring software, and centrally monitors each subsystem with a unified interface. The computer room monitoring system monitors the operation status and working parameters of each system equipment in real time, including power system, environmental system, fire protection system, security system, network system, etc

via amos-5000 is an applicable controller of the computer room monitoring system. It runs the monitoring management software to connect all the system equipment that needs to be monitored, such as air conditioning equipment, lighting equipment, access control management, temperature and humidity sensors, IP cameras, fire protection systems and network equipment. Therefore, it can be managed and monitored in a unified way, and it can communicate directly with the RS485 equipment on site. The dual Gigabit ports and the complete machine without fans fully meet the needs of field applications, and it needs 24-hour uninterrupted operation, which well meets the needs of customers

via amos-5000 modular chassis kit can give full play to the various functional characteristics of the embedded motherboard designed according to the EM itx board type specification developed by via, so it can easily provide a variety of fan free IPC design solutions with flexible functions, solid structure and easy assembly for various embedded applications

via amos-5000 chassis kit integrates many unique functions brought by EM itx to the field of embedded technology, including a large number of i/o interfaces that can be configured on both sides of the circuit board through a unique dual coastline i/o design, and an EMI bus that can be compatible with traditional conventional and the latest bus technology at the same time. It can be used in combination with a variety of EM itx expansion modules in various specific i/o application configurations

the system built with via amos-5000 chassis kit does not use any fans, and has a wide temperature adaptability from -20 ℃ to 55 ℃. Via amos-5000 chassis can withstand the test of gravity acceleration up to 50g, which is easy to assemble and maintain, and only five components can form a high durability fanless system with rich i/o options

about Vespa amos-5000:

key features:

1) the working temperature range without fan is between -20 ℃ and 55 ℃

2) installation and maintenance can be completed easily and quickly with only five parts

3) it can withstand a maximum impact acceleration of 50 g. combined with the vibration resistant design, Ensure that the contract price of long injection grade HDPE is 83.4 cents/pound (phase I reliability

4) modular design and compact size: 232mm (width) x 53mm (height) x 126mm (thickness)

5) easy to use interchangeable and customizable front/rear panels

6) since the approval of Qingdao West Coast New Area with common i/o interfaces in the chassis, it is easy to access from the outside

7) to maximize space utilization, Amos-5000 is currently used in conjunction with via eitx-3000 motherboard (the world's first listed EM itx motherboard), which can be applied to various embedded technology fields, including medical treatment, health care, industrial and building automation, digital signage, self-service query terminals, poi/pos machines, games, monitoring and other application fields

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