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On February 6, the first major financing event in China after the Spring Festival, the local logistics platform flash announced that it had completed the C round of financing of $50million. This round of financing was led by sig (Haina Asia venture capital fund) and the executive capital, plus capital, etc

as domestic consumers have higher and higher time requirements for logistics services, intra city express services have been pushed to the capital outlet

flash delivery was established in August, 2013. It is a platform focusing on the city's direct delivery and fast direct service. It provides a faster personal delivery service, from the delivery of goods by the flash delivery personnel to the delivery to the recipient, for the whole process monitoring and time race. The company promises to deliver the goods in a straight line of 5 kilometers and 1 hour. For every additional 5 kilometers and 30 minutes, the goods will be delivered to the whole city in an average of 60 minutes, and the overtime will be refunded

race against time. From the beginning of user registration, the emergence of flash delivery has greatly improved the life and work efficiency of individuals and millions of enterprises. Taking Beijing as an example, at present, flash delivery can reach an average of 23 minutes within a straight-line distance of 5 kilometers, an average of 33 minutes within a straight-line distance of 10 kilometers, and an average of 45 minutes throughout Beijing

correct installation; Speed is the gene of flash delivery from its inception. It not only refreshes and improves the logistics speed in the same city, but also races against time from the beginning of user registration. Flash delivery has used the solution of content linked SMS + voice verification code since 15 years, so that its more than 20 million users are far away from the problems of unreachable verification code and long waiting time from the moment they contact flash delivery

Ronglian provides a short message + voice verification code solution for flash delivery

the delay of short message verification code is easy to lead to user loss and decline in user experience. Some users' certain security software is directly mistaken for spam short messages and entered the blacklist. Ronglian provides unified access numbers for all short message or voice verification code users of flash delivery and cooperative enterprises, and uses self-developed voice verification code as a supplement to short messages, With only one interface, you can enjoy the two authentication services described in detail in a paper in the magazine Angewandte Chemie. When the user cannot receive the SMS authentication code, the voice authentication code can be automatically triggered, ensuring 100% arrival of the authentication code and the continuity of user operation

in addition, the voice verification code also supports personalized settings. The broadcast speed and digital interval are random and variable. Coupled with the unique background sound anti cracking technology, it is extremely difficult and more secure to crack. We can solve the problem of the loss of registered users by attracting investment

the powerful combination of the sharing economy mode

the high-end local logistics market is both a rigid demand and an incremental market, and it is bound to usher in more changes and fierce battles in the future

flash has 23million users and 200000 couriers, and the number is still rising! Flash started to make profits in April 2016, achieving a profit and loss balance of about 35% of the whole 3 yuan system, and became the first profitable company in the field of logistics sharing economy

as the initiator and explorer in the field of communication sharing economy, Ronglian is also bringing more changes to the logistics express industry through the innovation in the enterprise sharing communication service mode. In addition to pursuing more extreme verification code services, voice notification, voice outbound call, call center/cloud customer service, middle number/number guard and many other products are also improving the efficiency of the express logistics industry

flash will continue to expand its market after this round of financing, and the number of users will usher in greater growth in the future, which will also test the continuous service and capacity expansion ability of communication service providers. Ronglian will do a series of homework in more details, provide high concurrency support, meet the use needs of super large-scale business volume, continue to be stable and respond very fast, and work with flash to create faster and safer intra city express products and services to ensure customer experience

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