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Flexible metal electrical conduit manufacturer

flexible metal electrical conduit manufacturer

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flexible metal electrical conduit manufacturer. The products of xintaiyuan metal threading pipe factory are widely used in: construction, machine tool, railway, vehicle, chemical industry, automobile, monitoring, building decoration, building decoration, building materials, decoration and other industries. The manufacture of slotted tube blanks is generally made of plates or strips of the required thickness, which are welded by special welding after the drum. The quality of slotted tube blank directly depends on the quality of plate (strip) and welding. Generally speaking, its wall thickness tolerance is easy to control

1. multiple thinning and deep drawing manufacturing process

multiple thinning and deep drawing manufacturing process is applicable to the manufacturing of corrugated pipe blanks with a length of less than 300mm. The high degree of process mainly includes blanking, multiple deep drawing, multiple heat treatment and multiple thinning and deep drawing

2. steel ball spinning thinning and drawing manufacturing process and equipment

steel ball spinning thinning and drawing is a process method of drawing and thinning by rolling between punch, female die and steel ball under high-speed rotation. The high-speed rotation of the punch (or die) drives the steel ball itself to rotate and rotate at a high speed along the circumference of the blank. When the blank is fed axially on the punch, the material deforms under the action of positive force and tangential force

3. manufacturing process of welded pipe blank

manufacturing corrugated pipe blank by welding is a process method with high production efficiency, low cost, easy control of wall thickness and strong adaptability. At present, it is mainly used to manufacture large-diameter bellows billets for expansion joints and hose billets

learn about the advantages of prika hose

in the specific construction process, in order to give better protection to wires. But do you know more about this kind of wire protection product? If you don't know prika hose very well, follow our professional hose manufacturer to learn about the advantages of prika hose:

from the characteristics of prika hose products, prika hose has its own thread, so the specific connection effect is very good. In the process of construction, no matter which part is cut off, it can be connected very quickly. Moreover, prika hose is also shock-resistant and water-resistant, so it is very safe to use, and there is no need to worry about safety at all

in the process of construction, the length of prika hose is also unlimited, which has a very good effect on improving the work efficiency of products. I hope you can better understand this content. Of course, prika hose is small and easy to handle, which also brings more convenience to the construction, so prika hose itself has better use effect

plastic coated metal hoses are often used in our daily life, mainly because they have good characteristics and don't have to worry about too many problems when they are used. Secondly, because of their own material problems, this kind of metal hose also makes us faster and more convenient when we use them, which can make us safer and more assured

connection method of plastic coated metal hose. In fact, for our life, we often use this kind of plastic coated hose made of metal to improve the quality of products. We also need to pay attention to many details when connecting. First of all, we need to be careful when connecting, because it has a certain elasticity, which may cause damage to the mature and high-tech people in the Dutch hydroponic cultivation industry due to improper installation, So we need to be very careful when using it. Only in this way can we be safer

plastic coated metal hose has its own characteristics. For this kind of bellows, firstly, it has strong corrosion resistance, which mainly depends on the material of this kind of bellows, stainless steel. This material itself has strong corrosion resistance, and secondly, it has great strength. Because of its corrugated characteristics, it has very high strength, It is also very convenient to use

key points of bellows protection

1. The corrugated pipes transported to the site shall be stacked neatly and cannot be trampled on

2. The bellows shall be covered for protection to prevent wind and rain from aging in advance

3. The corrugated pipe shall be cut straight, and shall not be cut into oblique mouth

4. Method of bellows joint: 0.3m long large bellows shall be wrapped at the bellows joint, and both ends shall be tightened in half, with no gap left in the middle. To ensure that there is no gap in the middle, mark the ends of the two joints. After completion, it should be wrapped tightly with adhesive tape to prevent slurry leakage

5. The position and positioning of bellows should be accurate, especially at the part close to the joint. The spacing of corrugated pipe positioning reinforcement is 0.5m, which cannot be missing

6. When welding steel and clicking the positioning bar to get close to the bellows, measures should be taken to protect the bellows from being burned. If it is accidentally burned, the burned part should be tightly wrapped with tape

7. Considering that the number of bellows on the top plate is gradually decreasing, all components that conflict with bellows should avoid bellows

8. When pouring concrete, it is not allowed to discharge materials against the bellows. The vibrator shall not collide with the bellows, and it is strictly prohibited to vibrate with one bellows clamped between two vibrators. In particular, when vibrating the web, it is strictly forbidden to vibrate the vibrating rod at the same position for a long time, and the vibration time shall not exceed 20 seconds

9. Pay attention to protect the leaking bellows at the end when removing the formwork

the above points need to be paid attention to. These problems can be avoided as long as you pay attention to and be careful during construction and pay attention to these details. If the bellows is damaged due to the above problems, it should be replaced immediately without construction to avoid losses

for the current situation of plastic coated hose, the word "tradition" can be used to represent it. Why do you say that? Because this industry is not newly developed. It has existed for many years. It can be said that it has developed since modern times. In modern times, this industry is not a separate industry, it is an industry developed with the development of modern industry. This industry is what we often call the hardware industry. In the hardware industry, plastic coated hose is only a branch of this industry. Its main function is to serve the whole hardware industry, so it cannot exist alone as an industry. However, with the continuous development and improvement of the hose industry, hoses are no longer only the previous types, but gradually become more and more abundant

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