Five aspects of home decoration cannot be saved

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Home decoration accounts for a large proportion of household consumption, so for home decoration owners, it is normal to have such an idea if they want to decorate better and save money. In the process of home decoration, the money that should not be saved cannot be saved. Sometimes, in order to save money, it is often a small loss, so where can't the money be saved in home decoration? 1、 The money of waterproof materials can't be saved. Poor waterproof materials not only can't play a good waterproof role, but also contain a lot of harmful substances, so the money in this regard can't be saved. Waterproof also needs to pay attention to the waterproof treatment of several walls in the shower room that are directly drenched by water. 2、 The money of the sewage system cannot be saved. Once the waterway goes wrong, it will cause the dilemma of harming others and yourself. Therefore, the money in the waterway cannot be saved. Water pipes and accessories are brand-name products, and PPR pipes can be used as water pipe materials, which is the current material with the best cost performance, so it can bring convenience to your life. 3、 The money of indoor electrical materials cannot be saved. The installation of electrical lines is most likely to have potential safety hazards, and once the electrical lines are hidden, they are not easy to overhaul, so it is very important to ensure the high quality of electrical materials. Wires from large manufacturers should be used as much as possible, so that the quantity and quality of each coil can be guaranteed. 4、 One of the biggest hidden dangers of choosing and purchasing green and environmental friendly decorative materials for home decoration is that the harmful substances emitted by decorative materials will pose a health threat to the human body, so you can't buy those low-quality and environmentally friendly materials in order to save money. There are two common harmful gases: one is benzene, which is mainly hidden in inferior latex paint and paint, and the other is formaldehyde, which is mainly hidden in artificial boards. 5、 The hardware accessories of doors, windows and furniture can't save money. The door lock must be opened and closed freely, and the spring force is good, otherwise it can cause an embarrassing situation that it is difficult to enter the door. The quality of the drawer guide rail is good to ensure that the drawer can be pulled flexibly; Similarly, the quality of the handle cannot be ignored; Furniture cabinet doors shall be hinged with famous brand




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