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[on behalf of the committee members at the grassroots level] how to make artificial intelligence "run"

according to the work report of Jiangsu provincial government, in 2019, we should vigorously develop industrial interconnection, create a number of demonstration intelligent workshops and intelligent factories, and cultivate a number of intelligent manufacturing system integration service providers. The deep integration of artificial intelligence and real economy is becoming an effective path for accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. However, it is worth considering how to integrate and what bottlenecks need to be solved. Recently, hushemei, a deputy to the provincial people's Congress and President of Nanjing Keyuan Automation Group Co., Ltd., came to Jiangsu CRRC Digital Technology Co., Ltd. in Jiangbei new area to discuss common problems in the industry with its principals. Plastics have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and light weight

Jiangsu CRRC Digital Technology Co., Ltd., established a year ago, can now provide intelligent solutions for the whole life cycle of manufacturing from logistics, manufacturing to operation. For example, in the aircraft production line, from vertical lifting containers, intelligent racks, elevators to parts, small finished products, general tools, etc., their use and movement all realize the intelligent management when the pendulum is in the vertical downward static position, so as to realize a lean and visual assembly line. Jiangsu CRRC Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 4. The steel strand testing machine is introduced by Tang Jun, deputy general manager of imported full digital exchange servo Electromechanical. The intelligent manufacturing solution mainly uses the system to control the whole production process. "The system will guide the production engineering and let the workers operate according to the requirements. This breaks the high requirements for skilled workers in the traditional production process. There are many ways to prevent foolishness and mistakes."

representative Hu Shimei (first from the right) communicated with CRRC digital Tang Jun (third from the right)

this business is similar to the business of the company where representative Hu Shimei of the provincial people's Congress is located, but the service objects are different. Keyuan Automation Group has encountered a great talent bottleneck in its development in recent years. Representative Hu shemei frankly said that the company usually serves small and scattered customers. Some orders amount to only 300000, which is not enough to pay the annual salary of a high-end technical talent

regarding the question raised by Hu she Mei, Tang Jun said that unlike ordinary intelligent enterprises, CRRC digital is business oriented. "We will provide solutions based on the pain points of customers. Therefore, we need more talents who understand the production business." However, Tang Jun also mentioned that with the continuous growth of business, they found that they also had disadvantages in recruiting talents, such as inconvenient transportation

in the proposal submitted by representative Hu Shimei this year, "promoting the close integration of artificial intelligence enterprises and university scientific research institutions, and helping enterprises introduce talents from the whole country and the world" is a very important one. She suggested that enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities should be encouraged to build platforms, such as building post doctoral mobile stations within enterprises

in terms of cutting-edge technology and core competitiveness, representative Hu shemei also asked directly: is it cooperation with foreign countries? Or independent research and development? As a rising star, how to compete for the market with the predecessors? Tang Jun believes that the market is very large, and the dislocation feature is the path: "we must form a kind of dislocation competition, that is, each project must have our own characteristics. If it is a completely price competitive project, we will not do it."

during the communication, they found that they were both members of several different alliances, but they had never known each other before vigorously developing new products. This is also what representative Hu shemei lamented. Under the wave of artificial intelligence, related enterprises are emerging constantly, but most of them are small enterprises fighting alone, lacking real cooperation and unity. She suggested that the government should continue to build a platform, and enterprises should also take the initiative to "open their hearts": "some technologies are difficult for a single company, and they need to cooperate with domestic peers or research institutions."

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(source: Jiangsu Radio/dingfengyun, intern wangshihui/Hanyu)

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