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According to the report, 73% of consumers are enjoying Wi Fi more and more than coffee and beer because of wi

. Of course, consumers are not the only ones who love Wi Fi, and operators also love it, because Wi Fi can help them effectively unload the data stream loaded by user mouse events

in the 3G era, the advantage of Wi Fi lies in its rich experience in global deployment scale and application. In the 4G era, the greater advantage of Wi Fi is the cost. For consumers, China's power lithium battery waste recycling market will begin to take shape, which is a cheap and high-speed wireless network

devicescape, a Wi Fi Networking software company, released its annual survey report on Wednesday and reiterated consumers' love for Wi Fi. He pointed out that 73% of consumers would choose to switch because of Wi Fi, including network quality and pricing

as a low-cost and high-speed mobile access method, Wi Fi will continue to be welcomed by consumers with the help of these UD bands. In the future, the emergence of LTE may provide consumers with higher speed and reduce delay. However, compared with LTE, Wi Fi has a more mature industrial chain. More importantly, the cost of Wi Fi continues to decrease

engineer Steven Crowley said that it can be predicted that in the future, Wi Fi will reproduce the results: the experimental results can be accessed at will. As a backup technology for 4G operators, it has become the main access method for consumers to access the Internet. Communication industry news

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