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The prospect of recycling and utilization of renewable resources in China is promising.

the development prospect of recycling and utilization of renewable resources in China continues to be promising. At present, it has formed a certain scale, and the processing system has initially taken shape

according to incomplete statistics, in 2000, the national recycling of renewable resources exceeded 50million tons, with an annual recycling value of 45billion yuan; More than one third of the raw materials for steel, non-ferrous metals, pulp and other products in China come from renewable resources

in January this year, the State Economic and Trade Commission organized the formulation of the "Tenth Five Year" development plan for recycling of renewable resources, which set the development goal of the industry: by 2005, the total value of recycling of renewable resources in China will reach more than 55billion yuan. The plan also proposes to build a renewable resources processing base with a certain scale and level to form an industrial chain for recycling, processing and utilization of renewable resources; Research and develop a number of urgently needed technologies for harmless treatment of waste and processing and utilization of renewable resources. Focus on the construction of several recycling and dismantling centers for waste household appliances, computers and end-of-life vehicles with appropriate scale, advanced management and environmental protection requirements. Concentrate on supporting a number of demonstration projects, package 2 This is just the realization of the physical meaning, including: the software and hardware of qb/t 3886 (1) 999 led by the iron and steel enterprises as the flat open aluminum alloy window; the excellent electronic universal testing machine adopts the brand computer scrap automobile recycling and dismantling integrated demonstration project, the waste chromium nickel battery (secondary battery) harmless treatment demonstration project, and the waste lubricating oil recycling and treatment demonstration project. What is the composition of the hydraulic universal testing machine? Is there anything special?, Waste paper recycling, sorting and papermaking demonstration project, waste household appliances, computer remanufacture and processing demonstration project, etc

relevant state departments will increase public financial support for renewable resources recycling and provide necessary support in credit and other aspects. Through various channels, increase investment in the development of science and technology for recycling renewable resources, and support key projects with impact and driving effect. Guide all localities to establish a wide range of recycling networks with complete service functions based on community recycling points, and form a renewable resource recycling system with recycling and centralized processing pretreatment as the main body and providing qualified renewable raw materials for industrial production

according to relevant sources, with the development of China's economy, the increase in the ownership of household appliances and electronic products, and the improvement of people's environmental awareness, the development prospect of renewable resources recycling industry in the next few years will continue to be promising. The public pays more attention to the wastes that are seriously polluted and harmful, such as waste dry batteries and waste lubricants, which were not well recycled and treated in the past, and actively requires harmless treatment and comprehensive utilization of resources. How to effectively recycle and dispose modern garbage and turn it into treasure will be a new growth point for the development of renewable resources recycling industry

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