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Shaanxi Province reported the rectification of the feedback opinions of the central environmental protection supervisor

Shaanxi Province reported the rectification of the feedback opinions of the central environmental protection supervisor

November 10, 2017

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on November 9, Shaanxi provincial environmental protection supervisor rectification Leading Group Office (hereinafter referred to as the Provincial rectification Office) reported the rectification of the feedback opinions of the central environmental protection supervisor of our province. By the end of October, of the 59 specific rectification problems identified in the rectification plan for implementing the feedback opinions of the central environmental protection supervisors in Shaanxi Province, 24 had been basically completed, 1 had been completed ahead of schedule, 1 had not been completed on schedule, and the remaining 33 problems were actively promoted and made significant progress according to the time sequence requirements

the notification of Shaanxi Provincial rectification office shows that 8 of the 24 problems that have been rectified under the leadership of provincial departments have been completed according to the rectification units; 6 out of 18 problems in Xi'an; Baoji City completed 4 of the 15 questions; Xianyang City completed 6 of the 16 questions; 2 out of 8 problems in Tongchuan; Weinan City completed 5 of the 16 questions; Yan'an City completed 3 out of 7 problems; 4 out of 10 problems in Yulin; Hanzhong City completed 5 of the 14 questions; Ankang City completed 3 of the 12 questions; Shangluo City completed 3 out of 11 questions; Yangling Demonstration Zone completed 2 of the 6 questions; Xixian New Area completed 4 of the 12 problems; Hancheng City completed 2 out of 10 questions. According to the attribute of the problem, it involves legislation 2. Electromechanical: the seven problems of the engine that controls the operation of the components of the fatigue testing machine have been completed; There are 30 air and water environment treatment problems, and 10 have been rectified; There are 10 problems involving ecological damage in Qinling Mountains, Weibei drought belt and nature reserve, and 6 of them have been rectified; Four issues concerning the elimination of backward production capacity, scattered pollution and other illegal environmental enterprises have been eliminated and eliminated in place; There are 6 environmental safety risk problems in northern and southern Shaanxi, and 3 of them have been rectified; There are 6 problems related to inadequate performance of environmental protection duties and disorderly actions, and 4 have been rectified (multiple element problems involving multiple departments are calculated repeatedly)

the overall progress of the rectification work in Shaanxi Province is smooth, but there are still some problems that can not be ignored: first, the downward transmission of pressure is not in place, and in some places there are tightening and loosening, and gradual attenuation. Second, the commencement of some engineering related problems is relatively late. The consumption of aluminum alloy will be second only to steel, and the time to complete the rectification task within this year is very urgent. Third, some rectification measures have not been fully implemented, and it is difficult to restore and manage the ecological environment caused by quarrying problems in Qinling Mountains and Weibei Dry belt area. Fourth, the resultant force of joint grasping and common pipe is still not strong. The downward sequence is 35, 50, 75, and the paddle hole φ According to the numbers printed around the paddle, some leading departments do not play a sufficient role. Fifth, the working standards are not strict enough, and the rectification of individual problems is not complete, which can not meet the requirements of acceptance and cancellation

Shaanxi Provincial rectification office requires that all cities (districts) and relevant provincial departments in Shaanxi should take learning and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as the driving force to ensure that all tasks included in the rectification plan are fully completed and all measures are carefully implemented; We should closely integrate with reality, treat different problems differently, and promote rectification by classification. In the next step, the provincial rectification office will strengthen supervision and inspection, and take interview, notification, supervision, exposure, accountability and other measures to vigorously promote the ineffective rectification and slow progress

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