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It is reported that Sany group's prosecution of Obama is a brave "sword"

it is reported that Sany group's prosecution of Obama is a brave "sword"

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Guide: the spirit of sword is the spirit of knowing defeat, but also the spirit of resolutely wielding the sword. The spirit of sword embodies a kind of courage, a kind of courage, a kind of strength. Only by daring to wield the sword can we finally be invincible. The author believes that the Sany group's prosecution against Obama is precisely a reflection of such a fine) fine) clip detail, which is generally made of fine medium carbon steel and alloy structure steel. It is reported that

"sword spirit" refers to the spirit of knowing that you will not defeat the enemy, but also resolutely wielding the sword. The "sword spirit" reflects a kind of courage, a kind of courage, a kind of strength. If you dare to wield the sword, you will be invincible in the end. The author believes that the Trinity Group's prosecution of Obama reflects such a spirit

it is reported that Sany group's Ralls project in the United States is not an original thing. It was bought from a Greek company. Previously, the Greek company had obtained all legal procedures in the United States. Why is it that such a qualified project has been banned in the hands of Chinese companies and become suspected of endangering national security? However, it is not so easy to find out the reasons behind this incredible phenomenon

ralls project started in February this year. Since the construction of the project started in April this year, everything seems to be "in good weather", but the good times are not long. In July, CFIUS issued a temporary order on the grounds of being suspected of national security, requiring the project to stop work immediately, prohibiting the storage or stockpiling of any equipment, and immediately removing all equipment, including the poured foundation ring. In August, "punishment" was added to prohibit the use of Sany group equipment; It is forbidden to transfer the project until all equipment is removed by formulating a scientific and fair fault handling scheme; Order Sany employees not to enter the project area; CFIUS ordered Sany group to leave on the grounds of national security, but it was clear that there was no compensation

all items with legal procedures are investigated; Prohibit project transfer; Do not enter the project area; Without any compensation, it can be seen to what extent the "overlord clause" has been hegemonic, which is undoubtedly outright rude and unreasonable discrimination

is it the bad attitude of Sany group that causes such malicious confrontation? Obviously not. In May, the US Navy northwest fleet negotiated with the Sany group for relocation on the ground that a wind farm in the project might affect its air force training. The Sany Group actively cooperated and agreed to move its wind farm 1.5 miles to the South; Sany group has put forward a solution that meets the requirements of CFIUS, but it is also a solution that "there will be no return for baozi to beat the dog"

so what is the "problem"? The fan with certain innovative technology produced by SANY group has undoubtedly become the only suspect

such doubts are not unfamiliar. Huawei and ZTE are Chinese enterprises that have been banned recently but are still fighting bravely. It may endanger the national security of the United States. There are no new reasons for being banned. In recent years, China has banned industries with scientific and technological content, competitive advantages and possible adverse competition to the United States, which should be the real reason for the prohibition of Ralls project

it is hard to believe that a few windmills will really hinder the national security of the United States. The tit for tat of some experts is really wonderful: the Westinghouse third generation wp3000 nuclear power technology will be mainly used in China's nuclear power plan in the next ten years. Both hardware and software come from the United States. According to the logic of CFIUS, the United States controls dozens of atomic weapons in China

for intolerable injustices, groundless accusations, violations of the US trade protection agreement signed between China and the United States, and "prohibitions" in violation of the spirit of the US Constitution, Sany group "wielded its sword" and boldly sued the US president and CFIUS

for the "sword" of Sany group, the author thinks it should win warm applause. Only by "shining the sword" can the "some people" who have made wrong decisions in violation of international relations law and American law quickly and profoundly realize the determination of Chinese enterprises to strive for and safeguard their own interests; From another point of view, we will assist ZTE and Huawei, who are in the midst of indignation and struggle. In this way, it will be easier to form a fighting force, thus quickly changing the "different" view of the United States on Chinese enterprises with excellent performance price ratio and reliable quality

daring to "light the sword" also means that Chinese enterprises are mature, confident and powerful. The "light sword" of Sany group has made a good start, which is also a clear proof of the maturity and confidence of Chinese enterprises. What a beautiful picture the blade points to

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