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IRSG China Rubber Association Co hosted the world rubber forum for the first time

China Rubber Industry Association and the International Rubber Research Organization (IRSG) cooperated for the first time, and will jointly host the Fifth China Rubber Market Development Forum and the 2010 World Rubber Summit Forum in Qingdao from March 15 to 18, with the theme of exploring recovery, win-win cooperation and sustainable development

according to xuwenying, Deputy Secretary General of the China Rubber Association, the meeting will be held at a high level. The United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, Singapore, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and the microswitch should be in a relaxed state. Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, C ô te d'Ivoire, Nigeria, and Karamay, but it is certain that delegations from more than 10 countries, including Romania, will participate in the meeting. In addition, the presidents of rubber associations such as the United States, Japan, and the European Union will also participate in the meeting, The conference will have 800 ~ 1000 delegates, including more than 300 overseas delegates. It is the largest International Rubber Conference in recent years

the meeting will focus on the road to recovery of the rubber industry under the global financial crisis, and seek strategies to meet challenges, resolve the crisis and revitalize growth. The main reports of Chinese and foreign experts mainly include: the operation analysis of China's rubber industry and the thinking on the sustainable development of the rubber industry; The development plan of China's automobile industry, coupled with the lower cost of raw materials and its impact on the rubber industry, is prone to twists and turns; Grasp market opportunities, avoid market risks, and make rational use of the futures market; Low carbon economy, green manufacturing, create new productivity for tire industry development; The current situation and development of China's synthetic rubber industry; The new progress of EU regulations and other policies and their impact on the tire industry; New developments in U.S. regulations and other policies and their impact on the tire industry; Development and application of Eucommia rubber; Natural rubber production, new cultivation and diversification in Thailand; Prospects of the world rubber industry, etc. In addition, domestic and foreign rubber material exhibitions will be held during the conference to create a first-class exchange, negotiation and trade platform

it is understood that the previous world rubber forum held by IRSG was held in government member countries. Since the Chinese government did not join IRSG, China's rubber industry only joined in the name of China Rubber Association, and was not qualified to hold international conferences. However, since China's rubber consumption has accounted for more than 26% of the world's total rubber consumption, and the main rubber products are among the best in the world and occupy a decisive position in the world, this meeting is the first time that IRSG has been held in non-governmental member countries

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