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Owentop "aquastrom DT" circulation valve won the 2014 ionic award

recently, the "aquastrom DT" circulation valve under the German high-end valve brand owentop company won the 2014 iconic design award

recently, the "aquastrom DT" circulating valve under Irving top, a German high-end valve brand, won the 2014 iconic award and was able to print out complete experimental reports and curves

the iconic iconic awards of the German Design Committee for the development of plastic granulator technology using renewable energy and industrial waste heat is an interdisciplinary Architectural Design Competition Award, which aims to explore outstanding works with foresight in the fields of architecture, design and industry. As an international competition award that advocates multidisciplinary interaction, ionic awards provides a large platform for the entire construction industry, gathering countless excellent works around the world. Therefore, from the first round of auditions, it has adhered to high standards and strict evaluation rules

"functionality and practicality, as the basic value of products, are playing an increasingly important role. We are very happy to see that aquastrom DT can finally conquer the expert jury with its high-specification manufacturing technology and quality", said Li Ji, the marketing manager of Irving top China and the United States, who can't judge this, Mr. Lai said

the appearance of "aquastrom DT" adopts minimalist design. Its material is exquisite, its operation is simple, and it has a good user experience. It integrates the clean lines of metal with the high and new technology, so that the product is completed at one go and more integrated. As an electric circulating valve, "aquastrom DT" can be applied to Irving top "dynatemp cw-bs" building automation system and secondary hot water circulation system. Its precise temperature regulation function and thermal disinfection function can bring breakthrough optimization and improvement to the system. Due to its strong market demand, it will soon be grandly promoted in the European market

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