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Tower companies promote o2o location mode to solve construction problems

find social talents to chew hard bones together, and success in site negotiation can get corresponding remuneration

residents talk about color changes, property often have big openings, and the addressing construction of mobile communication base stations has always been a difficult problem. In the past, three operators had a headache, but now it is a headache for tower companies

the tower company is looking for a way to cure this headache, that is, through Internet +. Recently, the tower company piloted the o2o location selection mode of online order grabbing, offline address negotiation and online payment in many places across the country: it launched the base station addressing official account, and made public the site information of the station it needs to build. Capable people with resources can receive orders online, and get corresponding remuneration after successful address negotiation. Judging from the current actual situation, this model has achieved good results

Shandong iron tower pioneered the o2o site selection mode

it is understood that this o2o site selection mode was pioneered by Shandong iron tower company

around 2016, Shandong iron tower undertook the construction needs of 30000 4G base stations, including more than 10000 new stations, 90% of which are required to be delivered before and after the Spring Festival. If the traditional mode is adopted, each employee will undertake the address negotiation task of at least dozens of sites. The workload is heavy and the address negotiation cycle is long, which is bound to affect the delivery progress

there is no doubt that in the face of such a large amount of construction, the traditional model cannot bear the heavy responsibility, and there must be way innovation. Shandong iron tower once tried to publish site information at real estate intermediary stations and developed a site selection app. These two modes were finally abandoned, mainly due to the difficulty of promotion and complex operation, and finally focused on promotion

Shandong iron tower has launched the official account of iron tower site selection bar. Individuals or enterprises can register as members. Individuals need to upload their ID cards, enterprises need to upload their business licenses, and regional managers need to review and pass after submitting information. Members can see the site details released by the tower company on the page, including map coordinates, location photos, etc. As long as the member succeeds in grabbing the order, he will get the negotiation right of this site. Next, it's time to test the members' networking resources and negotiation skills. Members can negotiate with the owners according to the site rental quotation given by the tower company. After reaching an agreement, they can sign an agreement

tower site selection work has a certain degree of professionalism, and the people who are the fastest to get started are those who have site negotiation experience and network resources. Therefore, Shandong iron tower held a promotion meeting to operators' employees, integrators and other partners as well as social talents. If the number of active members reaches about 10000, it will not be a problem to meet the address needs of Shandong iron tower. Zhang Quan, general manager of Shandong iron tower, said

gnawing a hard bone has a good mouth

those station sites that have been unable to gnaw down for many years of negotiation are called hard bones. Shandong iron tower has 552 in its hands, but through the o2o site selection mode, Shandong iron tower has digested 449 hard bones in just 50 days

last year, Zibo tower branch undertook the demand of China Mobile for new station sites, most of which were located above urban residents, and each family refused to negotiate with the owner. Later, with the help of o2o site selection mode, a number of local real estate agents were developed as members, which could give play to the intermediary's familiarity with the community and wide contacts. Sometimes, special steel was inlaid at the jaw, or steel grit was sprayed on the surface of the jaw, etc We cooperated with a real estate agent in Zhoucun office and talked about three station sites in just 10 days. Zibo Branch staff said

the influence of Feng Shui has always been one of the high-frequency reasons for owners to refuse access to the base station. Liaocheng Tower Branch encountered such a tough bone. After the site selection bar of the iron tower was put on the shelves, the manufacturer of the special testing machine for steel pipe scaffold had 12 members rush to coordinate, all of which ended in failure. When he was about to take it off the shelves, a member grabbed the list and volunteered to the regional manager. He proposed: can we change the construction of a station on the roof to a station in the hospital and solve it through garden planning? After consulting with the operator, the tower company agreed to change the longitude and latitude to build the station. Through his own network resources, the member finally successfully approved and started the project

there are many similar cases. In Zhang Quan's words: if we compare address talking to unlocking, we may not have the key to unlock it, but there must be in the massive resources in society. By building an Internet site selection platform, we can get through the information chain between the site selection demand and the site selection energy, let him obtain the demand and corresponding remuneration in time through the platform, and form an effective positive incentive mechanism, so as to achieve the purpose of opening a lock with one key

significant results have been achieved and promoted nationwide.

from the official operation of the tower site selection bar in October 2015 to the end of March this year, Shandong tower has put 6150 station sites through the platform, and 5963 site selection and site negotiation have been completed, with a completion rate of 96.9%. According to the rough estimation of the traditional site selection method, the number of station sites negotiated in more than four months will take at least one year for all employees of the company to complete

since this year, Tower Companies in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangxi, Anhui, Yunnan, Chongqing and other provinces have begun to replicate the interconnection + location mode of Shandong tower. The effect is very good. We have just launched this addressing mode recently, with an order receiving rate of more than 70%. Now there are more than 100 bills to be paid, that is, the site negotiation is successful, and then the contract signing and construction. Insiders of a provincial iron tower company told the IT times

it is very important to establish a reasonable incentive mechanism for the success of tower interconnection + location mode, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of members to address and talk. Shandong iron tower divides the whole province into 483 grids, and defines the upper limit standards of site selection fees and rental fees for each grid. Set up a pricing team in each municipal branch to be responsible for the review of the two fees, and control the selection of tower companies while ensuring the reasonable result: member remuneration, which ensures shorter cycle time, weldability, repairability, reuse and other characteristic site costs

at present, the remuneration method of Shandong iron tower is to pay 50% after the site is negotiated, and then pay the remaining 50% after the site is built. Other provincial companies also follow this method. The remuneration for the next station in first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen is basically about 5000 to 10000 yuan. Employees of a provincial company of the iron tower company disclosed to

under the incentive of attractive remuneration, many members will complain that they can't get the order. Therefore, Shandong iron tower has introduced the bidding mechanism of the low price first served. There will be three site selection fees when the site is released. The highest price is the evaluation price of normal site selection in the region, and the difference between each price is more than 100 yuan. The member with the lowest price within 24 hours can obtain the right to negotiate the site

after a period of pilot, the tower company has improved this bidding mechanism. The address price is no longer the only standard, and the completion time and social relationship advantage have also become the judgment criteria

in addition, in order to avoid long-term no one grabbing orders at the hard bone site, a hard bone reward area is also set up to attract members by increasing fees, points and other means. Points involve member upgrading. After becoming a senior member, the tower company will conduct training to establish a professional site selection team

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