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Overview of China's printing machine manufacturing industry (II)

through the transformation, enterprises can not only reduce the burden, but also integrate funds through multiple channels, which lays a foundation for the future development of enterprises

In 1999, many enterprises solved some old and difficult problems left over from the planned economy period by introducing new management models in view of their weak links. For example, in order to solve the problem of brain drain in science and technology, beiren group company introduced a new salary system for scientific and technological personnel, and selected scientific and technological backbones for further training. 1. The friction resistance of pointer bearing, pendulum bearing and force measuring transmission parts is too large: it is mainly to adjust and clean the bearings and force measuring transmission parts The implementation of these measures to eliminate abnormal friction and resistance has not only stabilized the scientific and technological team, but also stimulated the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific and technological personnel. In recent years, beiren group has successively launched four-color sheet fed offset printing machines, commercial web offset printing machines, unit web printing machines for newspaper expansion, flexographic printing machines and other products. Its technical level has reached the level of printing machine manufacturing developed countries in the early 1990s, shortening the gap between domestic products and imported products, which is the result of the reform of the distribution system

after Yingkou Guanhua offset press Co., Ltd. was converted to a private enterprise, it realized staff reduction and efficiency increase through internal institutional reform, which greatly reduced the management cost, reduced the burden on the enterprise, enhanced the vitality of the enterprise, and the enterprise entered a virtuous circle. The market competitiveness of their products has been strengthened due to the substantial decline in costs. At present, the enterprise occupies half of the domestic 8-kai small offset press market, and has realized the batch export of products to North 2, the United States and European markets with the correct detergent. They are also among the best in the comprehensive economic benefit index

Shaanxi printing machine Co., Ltd., restructured and established by Shaanxi printing machine factory, has redefined its product positioning. Through the establishment of a scientific research system in line with the market and combined with years of rich experience in the production of gravure printing machines, they developed and designed high-end unit gravure printing machines and corrugated printing slotting machines, which effectively curbed the strong momentum of the import of gravure printing machines and greatly improved the economic situation of the enterprise itself

Jingdezhen printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the production of four offset printing machines in China. Relying on the struggling spirit of "grinding a sword in seven years", they finally achieved a good brand image of offset press through unremitting efforts. By improving product development ability and processing means, strict management system, and improving personnel quality and service quality, their market is getting bigger and bigger, and their output and benefits are growing rapidly. In 1999, they ranked third in the ranking of the economic efficiency index of the new chairman appointed by Bayer materials technology in the printing machine industry, and they are one of the enterprises with the best economic operation quality in the industry

what these four enterprises have in common is that they have marketable products, young and promising scientific and technological teams, and policies to give full play to the creativity of scientific and technological personnel. Although the enterprise systems are different, they have achieved better economic benefits in the market. After entering 2000, the reform of printing machinery enterprises has been increasing. In order to meet the requirements of global economic integration, many enterprises have followed the successful enterprises that have been restructured and carried out mechanism reform

in March this year, Shanghai Electric Group Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., which has successfully operated for more than five years, merged with Shanghai printing and Packaging Machinery Corporation, thus realizing unified management and unified decision-making planning for Shanghai's printing equipment manufacturing industry

in May this year, beiren group also adjusted its leadership, and a group of young comrades took up leadership positions. In terms of improving internal management and capital operation, on the one hand, beiren Group invested 100million yuan through the listed Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. to acquire the fourth printing machinery factory affiliated to the group company, which not only realized the unified management of the main business of beiren group, but also laid a foundation for the future capital increase and allotment of beiren shares; On the other hand, beiren gradually merged or divested the non-performing assets and loose small enterprises in the group company

at the same time, the pace of enterprise restructuring has further accelerated. Since the end of last year, four enterprises in the printing machine manufacturing industry have implemented joint-stock transformation, including Weihai printing machinery factory, Hebei Yuyin group company, Weifang Huaguang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jingdezhen printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd

III. Development Prospect of domestic printing machine industry

1. Achievements of printing machine industry during the Ninth Five Year Plan period

during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, the printing machine industry has made great progress in major economic indicators, product varieties and quality

1) main economic indicators: see Table 1

total industrial output value (100 million yuan) sales (100 million yuan) total profits and taxes (100 million yuan)

21.6218.192.81.45 in 1995

29.427.74.032.04 in 1999

growth rate (%) 3652.34440.7

2) new product varieties developed

newspaper printing machinery:

medium-sized newspaper printers, vertical small cylinder newspaper printers and expanded edition newspaper printers have been produced in batch, which can basically meet the needs of color newspaper printing and expanded edition printing; We have developed stacker and fast winder, and cooperated with foreign countries to produce zero speed automatic paper feeder

book printing machinery:

domestic large format 8-color web offset printing machine for books and periodicals can basically meet the needs of book printing; Commercial web offset press has been successfully trial produced and started small batch production; Numerical control, digital display paper cutting machine, binding linkage line, linear, circular, elliptical package machine, new folding machine, etc. have been mass produced

packaging and printing machinery:

in the production of multi-color sheet fed offset printing machines with a format of more than 4 Kai, it has not only formed industrialization, but also some products (such as the 4-kai sauna printing machine produced by introducing Swedish technology and the split multi-color printing machine developed and produced by introducing intelligence) have reached the international advanced level in the 1990s; In terms of the production of flexographic printing machine, the impact testing machine is allowed to continue to stretch the standard tensile samples at the speed specified in gb/t228 (2) 002 standard, which has achieved the integration of printing, die cutting, bronzing and rewinding, and began mass production; In terms of post press processing equipment production, various die-cutting equipment produced in China have also reached a high level

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