Overview of the most popular iron barrel printing

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Overview of iron printing barrel inks

iron printing inks are thermosetting inks that need high temperature drying. The particularity of iron printing barrel determines that there are many factors that affect the change of ink color. The following are the main factors that affect the change of ink color in iron printing barrel printing:

first, the weighing is not accurate or the mixing is uneven

ink mixing is to weigh the corresponding amount of each component raw ink according to the ink ratio, and then put it together to stir evenly. At present, electronic scales are generally used for weighing. When operators weigh raw inks, especially those in the field of medical devices or automobiles, due to inaccurate weighing or uneven mixing during mixing, the ink color during printing may not be allowed to further support the development of graphene industry; In order to support the development of graphene industry in Ningbo, especially when blending light color inks, such as pink, light green, light blue, etc. Light color inks are generally prepared by adding a large amount of white ink or diluent to the original ink of the corresponding hue. The proportion of the original ink is small, but the color development effect in the spot color ink is obvious. If the weighing of the original ink is slightly inaccurate, the hue of the spot color ink will be greatly affected

secondly, when making standard color draft (proofing), the proportion of spot color ink allocated in small batches is inaccurate

in the printing iron, the standard color draft used to guide printing is completed by proofing. The spot color ink used in proofing is a small batch of ink allocated by the operator. After the sample is made, it becomes the standard color manuscript for guiding printing after the customer signs and confirms. Once the customer signs for confirmation, the ink proportion of the spot color on the standard color manuscript is subject to the proportion when mixing small batches of ink during proofing. If the proportion of mixing small batches of ink is not accurate, the color difference will be great when mixing large batches of ink during printing. This difference is especially reflected in the spot color ink with a large difference in the proportion of raw ink of each component. For example, yellow: magenta =100:1, yellow: magenta: green =100:8:0.3, etc. if the weighing of 1 or 0.3 proportion of ink is slightly inaccurate, the color will change greatly when mixing large quantities of ink

thirdly, the amount of diluent oil (inking oil) is too much

iron printing ink has the characteristics of mechanical processing resistance, which is characterized by high viscosity and low fluidity, which is very detrimental to the transfer of ink during printing. In order to improve its printability, an appropriate amount (less than 5%) of diluent is often added to reduce the ink adhesion and improve the fluidity at the same time. However, if the diluent is added in a linear form, the outflow cannot be too much, because after the printing of iron printing barrel is completed, it should be baked in an oven at 50 ℃ and 180 ℃ for 10 and 15 minutes. During the baking process, the diluent and the ink should be dried together. If the diluent is added too much, the ink is too thin, and it will be weak after baking, and the ink color will change accordingly, resulting in the difference between the actual printing color and the standard color manuscript

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