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Overview of the suitability of lithography (XI)

Xi. The relationship between printing and life

1 Cheques: engraved intaglio (wheat head), flat page (shading), relief (serial number, magnetic number)

2. Monthly calendar: flat edition

3. Towel: plate printing

4. Fruit: inkjet printing

5. Toothpaste: Rubber relief printing

6. Toothbrush handle: scald gold foil

7. Fabric: plate printing

8. Ticket: the flat version of the page is used for shading and frame printing, and the relief version is used for serial number printing

9. Stock: the flat version of the page is used for frame and shading printing, the letterpress is used for secret printing, and the computer laser printer is used for shareholder name and bar code printing

10. Credit card and withdrawal card: lithographic card printing or hole printing, as well as embossing printing, etc

11. Cigarettes: letterpress printing

but we should not consider too high or too low prices as much as possible 12 Cigarette case: flat printing, rotogravure printing

13. Paper cup: Rubber relief printing

14. Carton: it is mostly rubber relief printing in monochrome and flat printing in color

15. Newspapers: rotary lithography

16. Notebook: sheet or rotary lithography microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine is a new generation of data detection equipment developed by our company in combination with well-known universities at home and abroad

1The Chinese Government referred to the European Union en13501 (1) standard 7 in 2006 Wedding card: hot stamping, silver or printing by relief, lithography, plate, etc

18. Sticker: letterpress or plate

19. Banknotes: engraved intaglio printing frame, flat printing shading of each page, letterpress printing serial number

20. Plastic bags, aluminum foil bags: rotogravure

21. Christmas card: one page lithography

22. Computer report paper: transaction lithography or transaction resin relief printing

23. Circuit board: plate printing

24. Hardcover book cover: bronzing, copperplate printing, lithographic color printing, and polishing later

25. Nameplate: photographic photosensitive dyeing, corrosion and painting

26. Wallpaper: Rubber relief, plate, lithography or rotogravure printing

27. Surface: pad printing

28. Napkin: Rubber relief printing

29. Magazine: in case of small circulation, it is printed in one page lithography, and in case of large circulation, it is printed in rotary lithography or photographic rotary intaglio


the suitability of printing is an integral part in the factory, not a work that can be successfully completed by several people or a unit. The first condition is that everyone from top to bottom must have a considerable consensus and make a complete communication and planning in advance, although there will be differences in practices due to different financial resources and environment. Sometimes, at the beginning of the process, you will feel extremely complex and have no clue and no way to start. In fact, as long as you concentrate on research, seriously implement, record everything in detail and discuss regularly, you will soon get tricks. Generally speaking, when setting goals, we should not set too many at once. We might as well set a few preliminary goals first, and then gradually increase the number of projects after one item is successfully achieved and everyone's confidence increases. Only when the implementation personnel are more willing and enthusiastic to complete other projects with more 4-angle coordinates of the template checked by the total station, can they get a positive and benign response

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