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Overview of lithography suitability (IX)

IX. environmental suitability

China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased their exploration of emerging markets for extruders in recent years (I) lighting conditions: 1 Lighting standard - 204.4 +/- 43.6 foot candles. 2. The color temperature of the light source - 5000 degrees K for viewing the original, 7500 degrees K for color comparison during printing. 3. Color display index -. 4. Lighting geometry - it is better to minimize the reflected light of the peripheral wall. 5. Transmission lighting standard - 409 +/- 88 feet can protect the sensor's Lun wave (the intensity unit of the light source) to a certain extent

(II) wall color: cold colors such as bright gray, medium dark blue or green should be taken as the principle, and warm color series such as red, orange and yellow should not be used. Because the latter is easy to make staff feel anxious and uneasy, and it is also easy to have a sense of disgust for work

(III) temperature control: the temperature in the lithography workplace must be controlled between degrees Celsius, so that personnel can work and operate various machines and equipment in a comfortable and ideal environment, and also relatively prolong the service life of the machine

(IV) humidity control: the humidity in the lithography workplace must be kept between Rh%. Too high humidity in the air will lead to problems such as unstable product quality, easy failure of electronic devices, easy expansion and contraction of paper, deformation of processing and binding, mildew of photosensitive materials and photographic lenses. These problems will affect the effect and increase the production cost

(V) air quality: the air quality in the working environment does not mean installing air conditioning devices, but in addition to controlling the temperature and humidity of the air, it is more important to introduce an appropriate amount of fresh air into the room and replace the indoor fresh air. At present, many separate air conditioners only cool the indoor air and have no ventilation function, which will easily lead to the pollution of indoor air, causing staff discomfort, dizziness, and easily infected with respiratory trachea

(VI) wastewater treatment: some chemicals will be used in the lithography workshop, so a little wastewater will be generated, which must be properly treated to avoid environmental problems

(VII) voice control: a section of voice that people can tolerate is about 80 dB, which decomposes and produces gas. In the printing workplace, the place where voice is easy to produce is mostly the printing room, so people working in this environment must pay attention to the maximum limit of voice, preferably below 75 DB. In some printing houses, when using commercial rotary printing machines, separate compartments are used, and sound-absorbing panels are installed on the ceiling, which can absorb most of the noise and meet the requirements of environmental protection

(VIII) storage environment: it is basically a supplier of raw materials in the industrial chain. In addition to the low temperature and humidity, the storage of materials should also pay attention to the handling conditions. Improper handling and articles unsuitable for long-term storage will damage even if there is a good storage environment. Therefore, the most important principle should be to pay attention to the expiration date, especially all kinds of chemicals

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